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Open relationships and how more couples are embracing the trend

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Gone are those days when people were committed to just one person for the rest of their lives. Now is the era of casual dating, live-in relationships, no strings attached and open relationships. People prefer having various options available to them at all times and see no harm in falling in love or having an affair with two or more people at the same time. Open relationships have now become a trend.

How The Current Generation Is Embracing The Trend Of Open Relationships

People of yesteryear's were more reserved and prioritized loyalty over everything else. They believed that there was just one person in the world made for them and that’s the person they had to spend the rest of their lives with – in sickness and in heath, happiness or sadness.

The people of today are more open minded. They prefer living in a practical world where they’re free to make their own choices at any given time. This applies not only to their career choices but also their love life. They believe that they should possess the freedom to enjoy the company and share a romantic relationship with whoever they feel like at any point in time in their lives.

This doesn’t mean they’re afraid of commitment. There are many couples that have been in open relationships for years and then found out they want to spend the rest of their lives with the person they’re currently in a relationship with.

The Benefits Of Open Relationships

There are various benefits of being in an open relations, a reason why couples of today have so willingly embraced this trend. The first and biggest benefit is that both people in a relationship are open to the idea of seeing other people and mutually agree to be in a non-exclusive relationship.

This leads to a happier and healthier relationships because both partners know they’re free to bail from the relationship whenever they want – no questions asked. Hence, if they plan on staying together, it is more of a choice than compulsion.

There are no regrets and complaints in such relationships. Both partners can’t complain about being cheated upon as they’ve agreed to date other people, even though they’re in a relationship with each other.

People in open relationships are said to be more satisfied and happy in life. Commitment may have a big reason to play in this. Say for example, you are in an exclusive relationships. There are a lot of responsibilities you need to take care of, many commitments you need to fulfill and many expectations you need to live up to. People in open relationships don’t have to face such problems.

Another big reason behind the success of this kind of relationship is that the institution of marriage has lesser significance. People in open relationships don’t feel the need to give their relationship a name and hence don’t think it important to get married to each other. This doesn’t mean people in open relationships don’t get married.

The current generation don’t believe in the phrase “Love Happens but once.” They believe that a person can fall in love multiple times and being in a committed relationship only stops him or her for pursuing his or her new found love. Sometimes you may be in love with someone but may want to explore other options too. An open relationship allows you to do just that.

The Pitfalls Of An Open Relationship

There are always two sides to a coin and also to open relationships. While some people are very successful in maintaining an open relationship with their partner, others may face some hurdles.

Insecurity and jealousy are the two biggest obstacles of an open relationship. Many times, people get into an open relationship without considering all the pros and cons. At first, everything seems fine but later problems start to arise. It is very common to becomes possessive about the person you’re in a relationship with. You want to keep him or her all to yourself. The problem in non-exclusive relationships is that the other person may not feel the same way and may continue to see other people. This is when jealousy and insecurity spoils the relationship, leading to a lot of trouble.

Despite all this, people are still opting for open relationships more than traditional ones. One reason for this could be because people of the current generation prioritize career and money before relationships. Hence, as relationships take a back seat in their list of priorities, they prefer being in relationships that need little effort to maintain and don’t consume too much of their time. If you would like to join an open relation type site try: SwingLifeStyle

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