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Open primaries epic fail

Are open primaries heading in the direction of a one party system?
Are open primaries heading in the direction of a one party system?
AMN Press

There is an initiative that is trying to make its way onto the ballot in November. This initiative would ask voters, once again, if Arizonans wish to embrace fully open primaries.

First, I read that open primaries would make things more fair by leveling the playing field, then I read that there were lots of people who were in support of this new idea of voting, and finally, I read how this would give minorities who have been silenced in their vote the opportunity to succeed.

Then I started reading about a concept called “top two” and how this concept could potentially wipe out an entire voice with the stroke of a pen. “Top two” is the nickname for open primaries. The numbers show that in Arizona there are more Republican voters than there are Democrat voters. And very shortly, there will be more Independents (who outnumber the Democrats) than Democrat or Republican voters in Arizona.

In “top two” the idea is that the top two vote getters (regardless of party) would continue on to the general election in November. The possibility of ending up with two candidates from the same party as the only option to vote for is very high, and that means we would no longer be a two party system of voting, but Arizona would essentially transform into a one party system of voting. If both candidates are from the same party, tell me again how all sides would be equally represented? In a democratic Republic, the powers are split to protect the people, not enslave them.

In Arizona this question was already brought to the voter’s attention and has been asked. Asked and answered. Voters in Arizona opted for a Semi-Open Primary. This means that Independents are allowed to vote in primaries, but they have to pick a side. Fair enough right? That way voter registration is still maintained, and the Independents have their side.

The current system is established so that Independents do have a voice. They can choose to not identify with a party, and when they go to the polls they have to choose which candidate block they are going to vote for. In fact, the Independent vote is considered to be the most important voice because to both parties independent votes are the swing votes. Swing votes are the votes that could go either way, and with enough of those, can decide election outcomes.

If, as this proposal would do, we keep choosing the avenues that only serve to silence another opinion, another thought process, we will never learn anything new, change an opinion, embrace an old tradition, or grow. We have already seen how many “forward thinking” ideas have failed to take us anywhere except closer to a totalitarian form of government on every level. Do we really need to experience another to have it proven yet again?


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