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Open Office Releases Version 3.2


Image courtesy of Open Office.

With Cleveland Information Technology budgets tighter than ever, it may be time to consider using the free Open Office for your desktop office needs.  The best thing about this program is it is free of charge to download and use.  It is compatible with many other programs including Microsoft Office which retails for several hundred dollars, depending on the version selected.

Open Office offers Word Processing – termed Writer, Spreadsheet – termed Calc, Presentation Program – termed Impress, Graphics – termed Draw, Database program – termed Base. The new version promises improved speed and compatibility with more software products.  The spreadsheet program has many improvements and the Charts used throughout Open Office have significant enhancements.

If you haven’t used Open Office yet, this new version may make a convert of you.  Open Office’s main sponsor is Oracle so this is quickly becoming a mainstream product. 

It is easy to use.  If you and your staff are familiar Microsoft Office it is fairly similar and offers most of the same features.  Best of all it is free of charge and you don’t have to worry about piracy. 

Open Office claims there were 300 million downloads of their previous version worldwide. You can download it by clicking here.

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  • nance 5 years ago

    open office is great. i'm going to have to try the new version.

  • Karen Mellott 5 years ago

    I'm going to download it - should be better than MS Works

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