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Open Mic Night: An eye opening experience.

A Senheiser Mic
A Senheiser Mic
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For many poets and musicians the fear of sharing your art and finding an outlet can be difficult. Many aspiring writers and musicians turn to the internet to share themselves and get some kind of feedback. However for some that feedback lacks a certain something: the atmosphere, the look on the faces of people and the feeling of community. For that atmosphere an open mic, a coffee and conversation can give you the spark your poetry needs.

Fortunate Tulsa offer's such an outlet for poets and enthusiasts alike in a downtown gem called The Phoenix, where on the fourth Friday of every month poets converge on an open mic. Like a Phoenix poets rise from the ashes of the daily and weekly grind, throwing away fears of public speaking. There are also challenges for the poets that come in the form of themes for example: turning a favorite song's lyrics into a poem. The lyric theme was the theme of this month's open mic night.

Those in attendance were treated to the lyrical poetic styles of local poets inspired by: Bob Dylan, Bill Withers, Phil Collins, Eminem and even the Ol' Dirty Bastard. These lyrics where either read dramatically, performed with music interspersed with original words or used as an introduction.

For newcomers this gathering highlighted the diversity and creativity that Tulsa can offer. Though the Phoenix is not the only creative bastion for poets and the creative, but it serves up poetry with no hidden agendas. Though some may not find the urban hipster and pseudo intellectual vibe appealing, its all part of the poetry group's inclusive vibe of breaking down creative walls.