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Open Letter To Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger:

I listened to your press conference. At first I felt sorry for you. You seemed to be in a lot of pain. But then I thought about my husband having to work overtime, a man of integrity who doesn't cheat on me, or steal, who tries to do the right thing. I thought of the millions of Americans who have lost homes. I thought of the underemployed who get paid bupkis yet live with integrity. I thought about the Haitians who lost their lives who lived in deplorable poverty because the elite narcissists did not believe they should even have poverty with dignity. I thought about Jean Bertrand Aristide who gave his life to lift the Haitians out of poverty only to be coupnapped. I thought how he was hated and overthrown because he wanted to raise the minimum wage to $1.00 and the connected elites wanted to have sweat shops to make Disney Tee shirts and Levi jeans off these poor peoples backs. I thought about the blacks who labor to harvest rubber on less than $3.00 a month while Bridgestone Firestone charges Americans $1,000 for a set of tires.

I looked at the audience and I did not see any black faces and I wondered why? I have mixed heritage but I embrace my black roots as well. The work of your foundation is great but I am so disappointed that folks like myself and my husband have to work so hard (my two degrees are not enough, because of this recession I am working on a third degree in education.)

I thought about my son, a college junior on a full academic scholarship who was taught to never cheat on his girlfriends. He called one day last week because he was worried about his future, "what if I do not get a job or I let everyone down?" We told him, if you are a good person, who has integrity you are already a success. Just do your best, treat people well, do not disrespect women. The rest will take care of itself.

Tiger, so much was given to you, far more than regular folks who paid menial salaries and you squandered that. I do not know if your should be given a chance to squander that again. I do not know if you can be trusted, you lived a lie.

I am a golfer, my handicap used to be 9 but I have not found a course in Houston yet. I did write an article on the Houston examiner wishing you well, hoping you went to see my colleague and friend Dr. Carnes in Mississippi to get help for the issues that drove your self destructive behavior. I would like to see you embrace all of your ethnicity however, there is nothing wrong with being somewhat black. Your ancestors are the Olmecs, they came to America before Columbus. Your ancestors built great pyramids, had libraries and educational systems ancestors built this country with no salary. They were whipped and beaten while the narcissists lived dangerously.

Identity is all that we are. Our true identity shapes our character, who we are also when folks are not watching. My friends of European descent do not say they are color blind, no, they embrace all that I am, my African roots, Indian roots and European roots. I hope one day you can do the same. You might read Aristides, "Eyes of the Heart," or Toussaint, or Randall Robinson's "An Unbroken Agony."

Life is serious business Tiger, perhaps you might grow and see how the other two thirds of the world lives, who struggle on less than $3.00 a day. You might see Haitian workers who work in sugar cane fields making $3.00 a month for 18 hour days of backbreaking labor. Their labor is then sold to the US for over 11 billion a year. Tiger, I rooted for you even though you said you were not African American but Cabalasian. I got that you wanted to embrace your moms ancestry. But I never saw you with blacks except a few really rich blacks. That said, I know your foundation did a lot for kids of all colors. I feel bad for your kids and your wife. If Ted Kennedy can turn things around so can you. But you have to start by being honest and embracing all that you are, not just some, that means the good, the bad and the not so pretty.

It has been said that everyone deserves a second chance. But sometimes, you can't undo the damage. If  a persons gets behind the wheel and drives drunk, thus killing someone, you cannot undo that. Tiger, you did a lot of damage  with your hypocrisy and sense of entitlement. People trusted you. Should you be given another chance? Did the folks who were foreclosed on get another chance. Did the laid off workers get another chance.  Did those whose unemployment get another chance?  I do not know Tiger, the jury is still out. Perhaps you should golf for free for two years, donate all your salary to those who are living with quiet dignity throughout the world.  Then  maybe I will believe you  get it, that you are a changed man. All I know is that while you are earning interest on your millions,  thousands, even millions of hard working struggling Americans will have to pay taxes. So right now, I think you  should work for free. When an employee acts up at work he is fired. Why should you be treated any differently. You acted a fool. I am not judging,  I'm just saying.


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