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Open letter to the New York State Legislature

The Cork Tax is another name for the At-Rest Law
The Cork Tax is another name for the At-Rest Law
Politics on the Hudson

Your argument in favor of the at rest law is both specious and ill informed.

While there will be some jobs created, this bill affects the average person in their wallet. If small NY distributors have to warehouse in New York, which is prohibitively expensive, many will have to go out of business. This will have a negative impact on job creation for highly educated people. And that will equal many more than the 1600 you estimate will be created.

Others who can manage to stay in business will have to raise prices about $5 per bottle. This is a direct hit on the end consumer, who by the way, is your constituency. Small boutique wine shops will also go out of business if they cannot procure product at a reasonable price. They are also your constituency. Consumers will have far fewer options as to which wine they can choose to buy, and will pay more for them.

Southern and Empire, who would benefit mightily from this legislation, are primarily liquor distributors – not purveyors of fine wine. If you feel that liquor is more important to your constituency than wine, that is your choice. For obvious reasons, I would prefer to see people enjoy fine wine than swig swill.

While I hate to say this, I can’t imagine your support is not set up to scratch the backs of certain lobbying entities who support your campaigns.

Please rethink your choice with the people of the state of New York in mind.

Thank you.

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