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Open Letter to Nene Leakes...

Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Cirque du Solei

Dear Nene-

There is NOTHING I love more in this world that supporting other women and watching then grow and prosper into even more fabulous humans, role models, entrepreneurs and successful people. I have watched you (RHOA) on Bravo TV from the very first episode through to the end of the first season when we could count of Nene- ‘The raucous but fun-loving housewife’ who loves a hearty laugh and was the life of the party to deliver the drama...hilarious candid drama. I can’t recall ever an instance in the first couple of seasons where you were the ‘Love to Hate’ character. People genuinely took to you because your personality was so infectiously charming. There is a funny thing that happens on our climb to the top to recognition and unexpected success. This thing can only be described by people who’ve experienced it. It’s a wave of emotions, excitement, fear, happiness, entitlement and empowerment all rolled into one. Depending on how you were grounded or how strong of a foundation you had before your’ rise, dealing with sudden fame can be detrimental or instrumental to your continued success.
We’ve watched you shone brightly on the small screen and blossomed into that break-out star you’ve dreamed of becoming and most of us (certainly I was) were extremely ecstatic for ‘our girl’ Nene and we’ve watched you failed miserably at keeping your feet on the ground and walking side by side with the women who believe it or not inadvertently propelled your rise as you break them down piece by piece. Without them, you would have had no one to fight with, no one to compare with, and no one to build your story around. You owe them and you owe them big.
In the case of Wendy Williams, I know why you penned an open letter to the Talk Show Diva. Let’s face it, your business like Wendy’s is built on publicity, but only Wendy has worked for over twenty plus years to solidify herself as a bonafide’ Talk and Gossip Queen’ who you’ve benefitted from time and time again. When you first heard of Wendy or walked into Wendy’s New York Studios to chat about your show and drum up your celebrity’…did you not think at the time that what she does every day and did on HER show while you were sitting on her sofa with a shoe cam’ at your feet was what she does for a living? When you partook of the juice’ and dogged’ your fellow cast-mates and ‘threw shade’ while your blooped’ and twirled’ and bopped your wig on said sofa, didn’t you think that, that was ‘the lowest of the low’. So, how dare you bite the hand that feeds you? Without forums such as Wendy Williams’, Nene Leakes would not be Nene Leakes. Let us discuss some facts for a second…can you manage that? Or are you so busy that someone will have to read it to you while you get ready for a top rated Live Talk Show? If the latter is the case, have your people read it to you, K? Here goes;

1) You are not an award winning actress with an incredible range or repertoire that will ensure longevity in Hollywood. You will secure considerable gigs for your demographic like Zumanity (where you played a sexed’ up Drag Queen..whohoooo!!) Whilst that’s great, let us be frank. You earned it tearing down other women. The Real Housewives must come to an end one day and you might be sagging and grey then, but give us something to mark as your legacy and not that you were so over your head in fame, you forgot who you are to the people who got you where you are.
2) If you’d checked your internet feed lately, you would have recognized that Wendy Williams was NOT the only person who mentioned your defaced’ Hermes Bag. Whether or not, it was defaced for charity or fashion no one really cares that you have …wait a minute, FIVE Birkins in total! Oh my! Nene is very Rich Bitch!Maybe I should just throw in that I have ONE…just ONE. Poor me!
3) Wendy’s job as Gossip Talk Show host is to bring the Gossip, insight drama and present suitable content to her demographic of which you are a part. The same Talk Show that ‘gave you life’ while you starting your journey and wanted a platform to bash, except now you are the one getting bashed. Why are you mad? Isn’t this par for the course? Isn’t this what happens to famous rich people? Are anybody else writing letters?
4) There is an interesting quote by Isaac Newton (You’ve heard of him right?) that says “What goes up must come down”. Funny thing is that I have never seen anyone recover gracefully from a fall while holding five Birkins. I have seen them get up and twirl and prance like ‘Gone with the wind Fabulous’, but not with Birkins bags. Don’t believe me? Ask Kenya.
5) One last tidbit; This is called ‘The Rich Lesson’: J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Zhang Xin, Doris Fisher and Margaret Whitman are ALL Forbes Billionaires. Let’s say that again…’Billionaires’. What have they not done? Bragged that they are ‘very rich, ‘have five Birkins’, have red bottoms and have blah blah get it. Any lessons here Nene? Oh yes! Rich don’t snitch’...on their wealth that is. They live, give to charities unannounced and privately.

So, my letter is really to enlighten you. I want to remind you that you are human above all and that humans can be vulnerable, but we don’t always have to air our vulnerable side. It opens us up to letters like mine and the comments you and I will see as a result of this. Whatever what you give is what you get in return. Slow down, count your blessings-because you earn and deserve them, be humble and thankful because life is short and we all need each other. Focus on the drive because you are winning on your terms in your way. Accept how you got where you are and don’t ever for a second chastise the very root from which you sprung.

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