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Open Letter to Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
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Dear Justin,

What's wrong with you? As a mother of one of your "Beliebers," I have to say that I am extremely concerned about your current behavior. Since the moment you were discovered in "youtube," my daughter has been a loyal fan of yours. She sings your songs day and night, and she dreams on the moment she can meet you in person. At this point; I am not longer sure if I want her to meet you or even worst; if she wants to meet you anymore.

She is 11 years old and even when she loves you to dead, she has started to ask why are you doing such crazy things. You are (probably at this moment, you were) her hero. Now, she is not so sure about you. She feels that you had let her down with your foolish behavior. She believes in you Justin. Why are you letting her and all your other Believers down?

I am very sad to see what you are doing not only to your career but also to your body and mental health. You are slowly but steady destroying yourself. Have you though for one second how all that behavior is hurting your family - your mom perhaps? Open your eyes Justin and start cleaning up your acts before is too late. If you think you can't do it by yourself. Seek help, but do it fast before is too late.

You are a wonderful singer and your innate talent have brought happiness to your "Beliebers." Why are you destroying all that? Why are you being so immature and letting other people or crazy behaviors rule your life? This is sad; very sad Justin.

I really hope that your current issues with the law can help you to open your eyes and realize how selfish your behavior is. Stop behaving like a spoiled brat and start acting like the role model you are. Again, open your eyes Justin and start cleaning up your acts before is too late.

About the Author:

Marielys Camacho-Reyes is a career/personal coach and the author of the Amazon's best-selling book "Successful Coaching: Twenty-Four Tips for a Better Life and Career Performance."

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