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Open Letter to Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin

Dear Ms. Irwin,

It came as a great surprise to me when we learned that you had accepted the position as "ambassador" for SeaWorld. As I'm sure you're aware, SeaWorld takes animals from the wild, ripping them apart from their families and places them in bathtub-sized aquariums for human entertainment and profit. To hear you saying on Good Morning America "I'm proud to be carrying on in my dad's footsteps" was appalling. Supporting and teaming up with such a deplorable for-profit corporation is the last thing he would have done. The Crocodile Hunter always put the well-being of animals over profit and entertainment; something that you're not doing.

While this news is saddening, it's not us that will be suffering. It's the animals that you're profiting from. It's the animals who are ripped apart from their families in the ocean and placed in bathtub-sized enclosures. It's the animals that have everything natural deprived from them. You're directly condemning those animals to life in prison and an early death. Did you know that not a single whale at SeaWorld has ever died of old age or natural causes? Did you know that SeaWorld has been cited numerous times for violating the Federal Animal Welfare Act? I suppose it would be easy to ignore those issues when money comes first to you.

Your father was an amazing individual; an inspirational man. I often watched his television show and learned a great deal about wildlife and the respect they so deserve. If he were here today, I can only imagine the amount of disappointment he would have in you. Animals at SeaWorld are kidnapped from the wild, neglected, and deprived of everything that is natural to them - for the sole reason of profit.

We ask that you reconsider your partnership with SeaWorld. Everybody makes mistakes and those mistakes are easily forgiven if they are corrected. You have a chance to do that, sever ties with SeaWorld and continue making a difference in the world. Continue being an inspiration and continue advocating for the welfare of animals. I have confidence that you will make the right decision.

Kind Regards,

Jordan W. Turner
President, Co-Founder
Global Conservation Group

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