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Open Letter concerning Jay Fant/Paul Renner race in Florida

Fant campaign, Renner campaign

This is a local story for Jacksonville, Florida. However it illustrates the division between politicians and the American voters:

Fellow Jacksonville Republicans,

Most, if not all of you know me- and know me to be reasonably balanced in my approach to politics. I’ve had run-ins with Libertarians who’ve tried to make the GOP the Libertarian Party. I’ve had so many run is with Progressives I can’t count them, or how many threats I’ve had on my life for confounding their misinformation. I’ve even had disagreements with Rockefeller/Establishment Republicans for not showing the right amount of respect for the grassroots activists and the average voters. The circle is now complete and I’ve upset those who call themselves Tea Party Republicans by calling them on their use of “non-Tea Party tricks”. This so offended them (that I’d have the nerve) that one former local leader of the movement tried to use my religious faith to shame me into submission. Rest assured it didn’t work.

Let me explain.

I’ve spent the past two years insisting that the Establishment Republicans show enough respect for the grassroots and regular Republican voters by being honest with them I've insisted they do not pull tricks that undermine trust within our big tent party. Now, (my opinion is) there is a candidate posturing as Tea Party (grassroots) but is using the same tired political tricks that caused a Tea Party movement in the first place. Those tricks are simply unacceptable. If it's good for the Establishment, it's good for the Tea Party. Fair is fair, no matter how you label yourself.

Two weeks ago, a third party “political action committee “sent out mailers that highlighted the banking problems that plagued Jay Fant. This organization is not affiliated with Fants opponent, Paul Renner’s campaign. The Fant campaign, after several challenges to do so, never showed evidence that the pac was associated with Renner beyond having the same paid political advisory firm. More importantly, the Fant campaign never produced evidence that Renner coordinated with the pac. Still, the Fant campaign spent money showing where he and Renner agreed to make the election about issues and not personal destruction politics. Fan’t used the third party mail out to justify violating that agreement- then blamed Renner for doing what the Fant campaign was in the very process of doing! Furthermore, Fant accused Renner of dragging his family into the contest- but not even the third party pac mentioned Fants family! This, in my opinion is unacceptable behavior on the part of the Fant campaign specifically because it’s what JAY FANT SIGNED A PLEDGE NOT TO DO.

So what changed?

The mailer worked. It caused people to look deeper than the well-crafted advertisement and Fant was now in a real contest. In my opinion, this is completely unacceptable in that it’s politics as usual from the candidate that’s supposed to be the unusual politician.

When I confronted this unacceptable behavior a former Tea Party leader tried to invoke Gods’ Holy Spirit to stifle my observations. For Evangelicals, this is an insult beyond compare. When I noted that, the former Tea Party leader simply tried to erase the conversation.

What does all this mean?

It means that Jay Fant, who is posturing as a Main Street candidate has apparently falsely accused his opponent of violating the very agreement that he himself violated in an attempt to regain political traction. This, in my opinion is reason enough to vote for Paul Renner- who is pro-life, supports the Second Amendment, and opposes Obamacare in his national politics.

Addendum: The supporters of jay Fant have taken to accusing this writer of propagating misinformation. Let be be clear: All I've proffered is Fant needs to answer the questions, and show that Paul Renner was complicit in the mailer, or apologise for breaking his word and falsely accusing him. To do otherwise simply makes him look guilty. #justanswerthequestionjay