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Open forum puts dating in the new millennium up for candid discussion

30Something Entertainment
30Something Entertainment
E. Morton

30Something Entertainment kicked off its first installment of the “Let’s Talk About It” open forum series with the topic of relationships: “Single & Dating in the New Millennium: Why is it so hard for singles to find a mate?”

The event was held on Friday, January 22, at Riverbend Winery and was a chance for people to respond in person to co-hosts Everett Morton and Adrayna “Sunshine” Bentley’s daily facebook forum. A panel of three, and later in the evening four, men and three women brought their own questions and asked each other and the audience for their honest, adult answers. Here are some of the thought-provoking questions, comments and issues they tackled:

  • What is the definition of single?
  • What's the purpose of dating?
  • When are you exclusive?
  • How important is sex in a relationship?
  • Communication also means knowing when to shut up.”
  • If men like to date women they can also be friends with, how do men stay out of the friend zone (the he’s-so-nice-I-can’t-think-of-him-as-anything-other-than-a-friend-even-though-I-know-he-wants-more-and-there’s-nothing-wrong-with-him zone)?
  • “If you’re okay being by yourself, you won't have a problem finding someone.”
  • How does the pursuit of a relationship change as you age?
  • There really are single people out there who are not looking for a relationship and who have no desire to meet anyone. (Who knew?)
  • Who pays for the date?
  • Why do so many people act as though they believe everyone who wants to date them also wants to take something from them?
  • A man doesn’t mind talking to a woman who’s a fast food employee, but a woman won’t talk to a man who’s flipping burgers, right?
  • Women don’t realize how much pressure there is on men to show they’re economically stable or materially successful. (That’s why men buy $1500 rims and spend their last $10 on a drink for you!)
  • “A lot of us are looking for a black man to support.” (clarification – that does NOT mean support financially)
  • Where's the line between showing interest and being desperate?
  • The challenges of approaching and ultimately dating a fiercely independent woman

Sound interesting? Check back soon for video of the event and visit for additional information. More open forum events are on the way.

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