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Open forum on downtown Cleveland's Public Square redesign draws a big crowd

Picture of the "Forest It" design.
Picture of the "Forest It" design.


  • Bobby 6 years ago

    Hopefully Cleveland will figure out a way to get the thread it design without any of the typical painful back lash from the locals. Everyone has issues with designs but the one about class divisions between people on top or below the mound? That was almost unbelievable, was this taken seriously?

  • Dev 6 years ago

    What does this have to do with Pittsburgh?

  • Mandy 6 years ago

    Although the majority of the people at the forum liked the Thread idea, judging from a show of hands at the beginning of the forum, I would not characterize it as a "vast" majority. There was a strong contingent of people who liked the Forest idea best.

  • Jenn 6 years ago

    Hopefully the orchestra and fireworks still go on!

  • Jim 6 years ago

    I like the "Forest" concept. The "Frame" concept - though interesting - clashes with the surrounding architecture ( belongs in an area such as: Erieview plaza/ CCC/ Cleveland clinic/ some corporate park/ etc... ). Besides, the southwest quadrant gets little direct sunlight - a precious commodity in Cleveland - and you don't want to add to the "shadow"! Blocks views as well. As for the "Thread" concept; it's like trying to squeeze Central Park into a much too confined area- it needs "openness". It also looks out of place as though someone dumped a hill between some buildings. Again, it blocks views. Keep with the classical approach which is what I believe the "Forest" concept comes closest to realizing. Think: Trajan's forum in trees, or, a giant English garden w/the surrounding buildings serving as the "walls". In summary, keep it in theme w/the surrounding architecture.

  • Chris 6 years ago

    I also attended this open forum. It was quite frustrating on a few fronts. First it was obvious that the design parties and local government were in favor of 'Thread it'. They left this image up for the remainder of the forum after all the schemes were presented. This image was left in almost everyone's minds and most questions were directed toward this scheme.

    Currently this part of town is honestly scary at night. Creating hillsides and mass plantings for people to hide and loiter would increase this fear. I don't see this changing unless they move the busing away from public square.

    I like the ideas of Central Park with pedestrian and vehicular traffic separate, but why does it have to happen smack dab in the middle of the city. To me, the warehouse district seems like a great location. It would be away from major traffic and could be much larger. There is a lot of vacant space that is currently used by private parking companies. Take this property and create something iconic

  • Erik 6 years ago

    Forest it is a design that works by having a healthy tree canopy, making the feel of Public Square more like a room. Much like the feel of Bryant Park in New York City, or the Mall in Central Park. Bryant Park is a great example of program use as well, hosting summer movie screenings, and events, winter ice-skating, and the park is wrapped with bocce courts, chess tables, and tables and chairs.

    The Thread it option fails. Drive down to Columbus and stand under the bridge of the old Lazarus right in downtown. Try to stand there for more than 5 minutes! The buses echo as they storm through the noisy space. If you don't want a class division...then don't make it a physical gesture. The park can host retail kiosks without the need of an expensive and potentially dangerous space.

  • Sunny 6 years ago

    I'm loving Neil Mohney's concept (You can check it out on by searching his name.) and not just because we're good friends. If he had the same fancy computer programs as these other guys, we'd all be convinced of how awesome his plan would be for a unified Public Square. And Jeremy, you can have your concerts with no problem!

  • skater jake 5 years ago

    NO, F that design, that is so lame, that is not what cleveland needs right now.

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