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Open door necessity: React positively to suggestions

Open door necessity: React positively to suggestions.
Open door necessity: React positively to suggestions.
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To ensure your open-door policy is truly effective is important that you react positively to all suggestions. This is especially important considering the people making the suggestions are doing so because they have received a problem.

As a front-line employee only have they perceived the problem by the time they walk through the open door they have also worked through that they feel is a viable solution. Thank them for taking the time to discuss options with you after you have drawn out the specifics of their ideas.

The more you draw out the better chance you have of understanding how this person who does the job every day is developed their opinion. It also provides an opportunity for you to get at least one golden nugget to improve your organization’s overall performance. Another essential element in react positively to suggestions is to attempt to deploy at least part of the suggestion.

Whether or not you do you owe it to the employee who cared enough to come to you to give them a status of the issue they addressed within a reasonable time frame.

This is an excerpt from a series on open-door policies developed by, a website dedicated to individual and business growth. It is used with permission.

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