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Open air excellence: Paintings of Falls Church

Manuela Costescu, painting
Manuela Costescu, painting
James George

Once a year, Falls Church Arts conducts the “Scenes in the City” Plein Air Festival which requires painting scenes within the City Falls Church. Artists come from all over the DC area and as far as Carlyle, Pennsylvania and begin by having their paper or canvas media stamped to authenticate it, and then produce art in a specified timeframe. Next, work is entered for exhibition in a juried show that is hung at Falls Church Arts Gallery, at ArtSpace on South Maple Street. Some of these paintings may one day become historical community heirlooms.

Judge, Bobbi Pratte
James George

Each and every painting represents creative work by very talented artists. Some have earned special recognition, however, all of these painters and their works represent exceptional talent.

Take a tour of the exhibit as some of the artists will also be profiled individually.

It wasn’t surprising to see Manuela Costescu win the Third Place Award in the “Scenes in the City” Plein Air Festival. Manuela was trained and educated in information technology and graphic design as she is originally from Bucharest, Romania. She has been developing characters and style that has appeared in other exhibits. Now, she has applied her distinctive approach to capturing scenes from Falls Church. They are bold, colorful, and fun impressions.

Another extraordinary painter is Rajendra KC who won the second place, Tori McKinney, Rock Star Realtor Plein Air Prize for his watercolor “The State Theatre”. He is a master watercolor artist with a command of traditional techniques that produce paintings with a majestic feeling. His control of the medium produces scenes that connote the outdoor environment in which he often works. He has been seen at the Falls Church Farmer’s Market weekly for he past months performing his magic which is sold in the Falls Church Arts booth on Park Avenue from 8 until noon. Rajendra’s work is highly collectable as it represents quality.

Patricia Walach Keough is right at home with plein air painting as that is one of her specialties. She paints garden landscapes, and her energetic treatment in the First Place Prize, The Don Beyer Volvo-KIA Plein Air Prize for $500 called “The Henderson House” provides a remarkable stroke to tulips in a natural composition, that the judge Bobbi Pratte said “captures the wonderful charm of the many older and historic homes in the City of Falls Church”

There will be more artist profiles from this list of participants as they deserve up close and personal attention.

Thanks to Barb Cram for excellent event management and special thanks to Bobbi Pratte for judging the show.


"Bill Abel, Patricia Walach Keough, Rajendra KC, Leni Gurin, Benedict Speckhard, Manuela Costescu, Maria Briganti, Michele Franz, Kathleen Buschow, Cynthia Gilmer, Victoria Lakes, Lorrie Herman, Isabelle Babington, Meredith Brindley, Peter Corbino, Anita Epstein, Pamela Lakes, Kasondra Johnston, Cathy Schwartz"

There will be more artist profiles from this list of participants as they deserve up close and personal attention.

Falls Church Arts
ArtSpace Falls Church
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