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Open a middle or high school emphasizing learning writing

If you're looking for a job in creative writing, or in the media, how about starting your own high school, middle school, or writer's studio that emphasizes writing, media skills, or the arts? It's one way to keep working in the field of your enthusiasm and dedication. Here are some examples of working schools for writers, artists, and media enthusiasts that start training in middle and high school or even before.

Open a middle or high school emphasizing learning writing or media skills.
Anne Hart, book and photography.

Don't let anyone tell you that creative writing majors don't have employable skills after college. One way to use those skills is to open a middle or high school, apply for funding or crowdsourcing as a charter school or other type of public or private education, and hire teachers/authors to help young people use creative writing skills, media arts, or a combination of writing and art, as in book writing and illustration, dramatic writing, or other types of applied creative writing in specific areas of concentration. Check out the public and private schools for kids who want practice being writers, artists, or media communicators. Or start your own school.

The Clinton School for Writers and Artists continues to be the top-ranked middle school in New York City, especially if you love to write and want to keep writing or want to achieve as an artist or writer/artist combination. If you didn't have a chance last year, please read Principal Levin’s letter about this achievement, the school’s 2012-2013 Progress Report, and news coverage of the school.

If you're in the NYC area, check out the Spring Musical Update: Parents are invited to a production meeting at 3 pm on Tuesday, January 14th. The director would like to get interested parents involved with set design.

The annual ski trip will take place on Saturday, January 25th.

In connection with the PA’s ongoing triennial review of its bylaws, the existing bylaws of the Clinton Parent Association, and the applicable Chancellor’s Regulations, have been posted to the Bylaws page under the PA tab.

Carolyn Yaffe founded the Academy for Young Writers, which opened in the fall of 2006. The school is now located in Spring Creek, Brooklyn. The school is a part of a small schools movement that began in the late 1980's and early 1990's in New York City.

Its primary goal is create a college preparatory program for our students so that they have as many options after graduating as possible. To this end, we use writing across all areas of our curriculum as a tool for generating comprehension and retaining knowledge. While the school does celebrate creative writing, its name derives from the belief that all forms of writing help a person to become better educated and more expressive. Parents/guardians: please attend the Parents Association meeting next Friday, January 17th, 2014 after drop-off.

The Urban Assembly Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists

Live or work in or near the Bronx?

The Urban Assembly Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists includes Grades 2012-13: 6-12 | Grades at full enrollment: 6-12, Community District: Hunt's Point/Longwood (CD 2). Founded in 2008, The UA Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists is a thoughtful and dedicated community of teachers and artists committed to cultivating a generation of globally-minded scholar/activists.

Students are deeply immersed in a personalized, literacy-rich, project-based learning environment that prepares every student to write persuasively, read and think critically, and speak clearly and informatively on a broad range of subjects. If this idea appeals to you, maybe it's time to do some fundraising and start your own school so you can help others find a place in the next generation of writers.

The Urban Assembly Media High School in New York City

Interested in learning how to work in the media in high school? Check out, The Urban Assembly Media High School in New York City. Grades 2012-13: 9-12 | Grades at full enrollment: 9-12
Community District: Lincoln Center (CD 7).

Founded in 2004, The UA Media High School draws on the media, in all its forms, to excite students about their education, examine complex issues that span diverse subjects, draw connections between classroom instruction and real-life activities, and prepare students for college and professional careers. By analyzing and producing media — including radio, television, film, photojournalism and advertising — students become effective communicators, informed citizens and critical thinkers.

West coast high school for writing: Advanced high school writer's studio

Check out the Centrum – Advanced High School Writers' Studio, Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, Washington. The Advanced High School Writers’ Studio is designed for both AP-level writing students, and those interested in a serious exploration of the literary arts. Begin each day with a master class led by acclaimed author Jennine Capó Crucet for a guided practice of a variety of prose techniques and the opportunity to create new work in a supportive environment.

Then fill your afternoons with a choice of seminars in the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference , including poetry, short fiction, humor writing, creative nonfiction, journalism and much more. Evenings include readings and events featuring nationally acclaimed writers from the Conference. Register online for the Advanced High School Writers’ Studio

Since 1974, the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference has been at the heart of the Northwest’s thriving literary scene. Such writers as Alice Walker, Richard Hugo, Carolyn Forché, Raymond Carver, Ken Kesey and many others, have developed their craft in this supporting and inspiring atmosphere.

Together with other high-school writers from around the state, you’ll have core classes and workshops each day. Attend readings, lectures, and afternoon workshops led by such writers as Sam Ligon, Erin Belieu, Cate Marvin, Dan Chaon, and Gary Copeland Lilley, who engage the contemporary world through written and spoken-word poetry, fiction, and essays.

Centrum high school workshops provide an in-depth opportunity to work with professional artists in the extraordinary setting of Fort Worden State Park, a 440 acre campus of forest and waterfront trails anchored by a collection of historic buildings that serve as housing for participants, and provide studio space.


This workshop/seminar/literary escapade is designed to push your writing to the next level by challenging you to think about writing in ways you never have before. Daily prompts and exercises—including some that take advantage of our spectacular surroundings at Fort Worden and others inspired by improv and sketch comedy techniques—will launch us into in-depth discussions about plot, character development, setting, and the other elements of strong narrative prose. Special guests will fill you in on what it means (and what it takes) to be a working writer, and you’ll get detailed feedback that will help you recognize and intensify your strengths on the page.

The writing you’ll produce will be grounded in the stuff of real life; you’ll carve stories from your personal experiences, your own history, and your imagination. We’ll approach writing with a generous and dynamic spirit in the hopes that what you produce will lead to anything and everything: from an early draft of a seriously-memorable personal statement for those college applications, to the first pages of the novel you were born to write.

Equal parts literary boot camp and bounce house for the imagination, this class will sharpen your critiquing skills, help make you a better reader and editor, and push you to produce your best creative writing yet. Put on your boots and come run; take off your shoes and start jumping.

Teachers also are authors and educate writers at various age levels from high school to university

Jennine Capó Crucet is the author of two books, most recently the story collection How to Leave Hialeah, which won the Iowa Short Fiction Award, the John Gardner Book Prize, the Devil’s Kitchen Award for Prose, and was named a Best Book of the Year by The Miami Herald, the New Times, and the Latinidad List. She is the fiction editor for the most recent edition of PEN Center USA’s Handbook for Writers, a comprehensive writing manual used in high schools nationally as part of PEN’s Writers in the Schools programs as well as in their Los Angeles-based Emerging Writers program.

A former sketch comedienne and NPR scriptwriter, she’s also worked extensively as a writing coach and college advisor for high school students living in South Los Angeles. She was raised in Miami—and has called Illinois, New York, Minnesota, and California home—but she now lives in Tallahassee, Florida, where she’s an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Florida State University.

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