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OPED Small businesses change policy to help kick smoking habit

Staying well is a priority and small businesses has taken on the task
Staying well is a priority and small businesses has taken on the task renjith krishnan

As a former smoker for many years there was a time when getting up from my desk and taking a break used to be enjoyable. But looking back now after quitting the smoking habit it is clear how nicotine actually ruled my work day rather than gave the point of break time during an eight hour shift. In most work conditions a shift will be eight hours and contain three breaks; one in the morning, a lunch, and one break in the afternoon. As a former smoker it can be stated clearly those breaks were very difficult at times to follow during times of stress. Why, because mentally there was a need for having nicotine to calm my nerves. That need was not necessary it was actually more of a bodily addiction to the drug itself and the only way to break it was to smoking cessation.

Of course not all smokers have gone through nor will agree to a smoking cessation which is their choice. Keeping that in mind, smoking nicotine will cause certain health conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease aka COPD, Emphysema, or Lung Cancer. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding second-hand smoke from nicotine smoke are quite alarming. Children can experience illness in the areas of ear, nose, and throat. Infants have a higher chance at developing SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) as well. Adults who have never smoked are also put at risk for experiencing heart disease by said 25 to 30%.

Employers have been in the process of increasing company policy and procedures. These changes will affect smoking employees as it will change where they are permitted to light up. In some cases, companies are no longer hiring a smoker which is their right. These actions are put into place for the company consumers and clients. Some employees have outspoken such rules and regulations however these matters are done for such purposes and it is all in the matter to keep good health both privately and publically.

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