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OpEd: Shame on Americans and when is enough enough?

President Obama speaking at the Conservation League. A president who has lost the trust and faith of the American people
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

How many lost and non-backed up email stories do we have to have? How many times are we going to hear things like, "What difference does it make?' Or how many times are we going to hear Barack Hussein Obama tell us that its the Republicans fault that America is in such shambles? That it is Americans fault that America is not working? How much longer, and how much farther down are we going to allow this president to take us before we speak up and say, "enough is enough!"? How many more lies are we going to allow this president to hand us before we say, "enough Mr. President....we've simply had enough of your lies and coverups and corruption?"

At what point do we finally decide that it's time to deluge the offices of our congressmen and women, and our senators? To tell them that not only are we sick to death of this president, but we're fed up with you not doing the job that we hired you to do? What does it take, and how long before we deluge the mainstream media with calls, emails, letters and whatever other means we have at our disposal to tell them that it is time for them to start telling the truth about what this president has gotten us into? Because folks I'm here to tell you that this president, this guy that some people still consider to be some sort of messiah, is killing this country!

Oh sure....we see each other writing in Facebook and in other social media outlets about how we're tired and fed up with our do-nothing ego infested politicians, and how we think this president is lying all the time and doing this country wrong. But for most of us this is where it ends. Once you've shut off your computer, or your company has gone home for the night, or you've worn yourself out from discussing the days issues with your friends on the phone or at the bars or wherever it may be. You're done. Nothing more is said until the subject is brought up again and you and your friends begin the same old and tired conversation, again.

Do you not get a sick feeling in your stomach when you pull up to the gas pump and seeing the price per gallon get higher, and you think that Barack Obama once again has kept us from moving ahead toward oil independence by not allowing the Keystone pipeline to open. And then you hear that the prime minister of Canada has gone ahead and decided to sell their oil to Asia? After having told this president that he would not sell their oil to Asia if only Obama would make the decision and open up that pipeline, and this was back in 2011. Well...actually Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been telling this to Obama and his minions since before then, but hey, "what difference does it make?" Right?

Personally it makes me sick! When do Americans realize that the IRS, the most powerful and feared agency in our government has just for all practical intent told us that they can do whatever they want, and you, the American people be damned. It is no joke, nor laughing matter about these lost emails that were supposedly not backed up. It is clearly a cover-up, and a huge scam being pulled on the American people and the American people are for the most part letting them get away with it! And in essence allowing this president once again to skate, and on the biggest scandal since Watergate. This cannot be allowed to happen in America, and shame on each and everyone of you for not screaming at the top of your lungs in shear and unadulterated anger! Really....shame on you!

Stop just listening to your conservative radio talk show hosts. Stop just whining about it on Facebook and in your blogs, or with your friends and family. Get up and help to do something about it! The beginning of this article lays it out's time to deluge the offices of your politicians and tell them loudly and clearly that enough is enough, that its time for them to do what you hired them to do! Aren't you tired of not hearing about the biggest scandals and lies of the 21st Century from the nightly news programs that claim to be giving you the latest breaking news, when in fact they're all but completely ignoring them? Personally I am sick to death of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and the New York Times continually trying to cover for Barack Obama. They know that he is at the heart of so much of what is going wrong in this country right now, yet they refuse to report openly and accurately about today's biggest stories.

As an involved and concerned citizen I'm ashamed to see some of my fellow countrymen and women just sit around talking about something that they can actually do something about. So many Americans shake their heads and say, "but what can I do about it, I'm just one person.?" Yes...but you're one person who can motivate others to make those phone calls, to write those emails. The next time you find yourself talking about how angry you are about the price of gas, or that you're tired of Obama continually getting off the hook, or you're angry about the IRS getting over on us, or that four Americans were killed in a terrorist attack and the government has lied about it, pick up the phone. Sit down at your computer. The phone numbers and email address's are right there and easy to find. Tell these people how angry you are and tell others to tell others to make those calls and write those emails.

For those of you that have been around a while. You might remember an old TV commercial that had the tag line, or hook, that said, "and they'll tell two people and they'll tell two people...." Well...they didn't say that because it wasn't true, it is true, and it does work that way.

With this administration we're lied to almost on a daily basis. And it is not hard at all to see just how bad it is. This president and those in his administration realized early on just how easy it was to lie to the American people and get away with it. So many people were swept up in all his "hope and change" rhetoric and making him out to be like the second coming, that no one was really paying any kind of proper attention. Obamcare was the first huge lie. He was so revered that no one wanted to believe that he could so blatantly lie to the American people on such a big and important issue as healthcare. But lie he did. And with a whole bunch of help from his loyalists like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and others.

And it has just progressed from there. Barack Obama is also the most insulting president this country has known. His arrogance and narcissism knows no bounds, but on top of that he insults us at every turn. And we have let him get away with it for way too long. And shame on us for allowing that to happen! But you can begin to put a stop to it. And again, that is by picking up that phone and whacking away at the computer keyboard. How much longer do you want to get pushed around by your president and your elected politicians? When do you say enough is enough? What is your particular breaking point when it comes to being bullied and lied to? How many times are you willing to allow yourself to get burned before the pain is just too great and you become unwilling to take it anymore?

That time is now.... and we simply cannot afford to allow ourselves into this kind of shame. This is not the America we want. Enough is truly enough.

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