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OpEd: Obama has options on immigration but are 3.7 billion options necessary?

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In a word, no. But the numbers seem to be jumping around. Now we're hearing more along the lines of 4.2 billion, but what does it matter? Any billion is too much. Sen. Ron Johnson has done some math using that 3.7 billion dollar number and dividing it by 52,000 children, which is the roughly the number of children we have detained, and that comes to $71,000 per child. "I've gone online and have taken a look on Orbitz and taken a look at what does it cost to fly people to El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras," Johnson, a Republican, said. "You have fares as low as $207. There's nonstop flights at $450."

Using those figures it would cost between $11 million and $30 million to get these children back in a very humane and caring way. It would also cover food and hotel stays. Probably something those children have never seen before. But no....President Barack Obama would rather somehow see these kids absorbed into our population and let it morph into a form of "de facto amnesty" that leads to chain migration.

And should this happen, no doubt down the line you'll have a lot of ready made Democratic voters. The notion that hiring more immigration judges and lawyers is nonsense. As quickly as you process these people in, you process them right back out. Gabe Pacheco, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council in San Diego says "the thousands of people flooding the U.S. border will eventually be granted amnesty to stay." Pacheco paints a pretty grim picture of what our near future in immigration is going to look like. And he's especially concerned about how amnesty is going to play out.

"They've broken the law. Yes, there's going to come some time and point where the administration is going to have to say, yes, we're going to have to give these people amnesty out of necessity. And then you'll have the families come up with those children who are already here and have established residency."

But is there any real question as to what Barack Obama's long term plans are when it comes to this particular crisis?And is not a phony crisis. And is a problem that grows exponentially with each day that goes by that nothing gets done. The president's record in handling major problems is dismal at best. At worst his record is to do nothing and hope it goes away, or at least even itself out until 2016 when he can stop playing president and go home. It's quite clear that for Obama the thrill of the presidency has worn itself out, the novelty is gone, he's grown weary of us all.

Another huge problem that gets even less attention is the disease these children are bringing with them. There have been several cases of TB reported, and according to Border Patrol officials lice is a huge problem that will be difficult to control due to the shear numbers of kids in one place. And worse yet, Border Patrol officials in Nogales, Arizona, were alerted to the presence of members of the extremely violent transnational gang, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). It was confirmed after gang-related graffiti was found on bathroom walls and discovered that 16 of the detainees admitted having strong ties to that organization. That is completely unacceptable by anyone's standards.

By their own estimations the Obama administration estimates that over 230,000 unaccompanied minors will cross our border at the Rio Grande, and so if our Border Patrol officers are already so overwhelmed, what consideration is being given to them and the mountains they have to hurdle just to keep up? When have we ever seen such a lack of concern for our homeland security by any president before? The president just seems so unconcerned and detached when it comes to the safety of our citizens. No....actually it's not seems, he is unconcerned and detached. And that, in and of itself is about as frightening as the fact that our borders are being overrun by criminals who have no good intentions whatsoever. They're coming across with these kids,but the left really doesn't want anyone to be hearing about that aspect of this ordeal.

$5 million of his 3.7 billion would fund media campaigns in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to spread the word that unaccompanied children crossing into the United States will be returned to their home countries. Well Mr. President, you've already hung out the welcome sign to these people, how do you honestly propose to change that? You have absolutely no guarantee's that the media delivery systems in these countries will comply with your, what, request?

$15 million to fund legal representation services for children in immigration proceedings. So Mr. President; how many more of our tax dollars are you going to use, against our wishes, to fund legal representation for people who are here illegally? Because it's a plain fact that all of these services will be funded by the American people. Our tax dollars are going towards helping our Border Patrol change diapers and babysitting children rather than doing their actual job of stopping illegals from crossing our borders. Is this really a viable option? Again....the president has options, but this shouldn't be one of them.

$39.4 million to bolster air surveillance capabilities to detect illegal activity. Hasn't the Border Patrol been asking for this kind of funding for years now? This should have been bolstered years ago during George W. Bush's reign and wasn't. He was as unconcerned then as Obama is today. Those are the kinds of tax dollars that Americans are much more inclined to want to part with. At least it would go towards prevention, rather than coming along after the fact.

And here's a real kicker; $433 million for Homeland Security's Border Patrol unit to cover increased costs associated with apprehending unaccompanied children. They have been asking for this kind of funding for years. Why does it take a crisis of this magnitude before the president will act? Even Bush didn't respond appropriately and we're now seeing the consequences of his inaction's. Visit here for for a complete breakdown of the presidents 3.7 billion dollar request.

Now we've seen how the left has taken to Republicans when it comes to say, the "war on women", and the "war on religion", or whatever the war of the week might be with liberals. So now we can fully expect to see attacks coming from the left about the "war on children" when Republicans begin to question the presidents request for all this money to help with the problem of having this huge influx of illegal children into this country. Question the president once on this issue and watch the hate machine roar to life with indignation. It'll be clear to the left, as it always is, that Republicans hate kids, that Republicans are happy to stand by and watch as thousands of children go hungry and starve. Kids will be spreading disease because Republicans won't spend the money to get them the diapers they need, and won't let the Border Patrol agents change them like they're supposed to. The hate list will grow accordingly as more time goes by and Congress doesn't act. And we know that the president will ram that down the throats of Americans as is his usual MO.

Watch and listen as the left tells Americans and the rest of the world that those evil, hateful, callous and uncaring Republicans won't give the president his billions of dollars in salvation aid to these poor starving children whose parents sent them away from their homes to be cared for by who knows what kind of evil until they get to the USA and find freedom and amnesty. It's going to happen.

Today, while in Texas for a $16,000 a plate fundraiser, President Obama tells us that his hands are tied, and that its up to Congress to approve his request so that he can get started on fixing this huge problem. Even though for everything else he has his pen and will use it, this time its entirely up to Congress. Do you see where this is going? Obama refused to take the 300 mile trip to McAllen, or Brownsville, or any other Texas border town to see for himself the magnitude of the problem. No....his Democratic fundraising is so much more important than the plight of his own people. Its a real pattern and no one should be surprised at his complete lack of interest in the goings on in his country. Especially anything that has the profound potential for lasting damage as this does.

Yes, the president has options. But so far it would appear that doing nothing is at the top of the list. This is what gets him into trouble with the American people every time. No interest, and taking no definitive action where decisiveness is the mandate. The country needs real leadership, and now is when the president is supposed to step up to the plate, (not the $16,000 plate), and take control of the situation; whatever that may be. Times like these determine a true leader. When the rubber hits the road is when the real men step up and say, "okay, this is what needs done and this is how we're going to go about it!"

What Americans wouldn't give right now to hear those words, and see that kind of attitude and action from their president. Having these thousands and thousands of children cross over into this country believing that they're going to be taken care of and allowed to stay is wrong on so many different levels. And allowing it to continue unabated is also wrong on so many different levels. When speaking of a president and the number of options he has, it would seem that 3.7 billion dollars worth of options is a bit much.

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