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OpEd: KimYe,Vogue, and the rise of the New American Vulgarity

The Kimye cover has kaused a lot of kontroversy- but is it really them or is it us?
Annie Liebowitz/Vogue Maazine

For some, the KimYe over represents a new 'low' in Vogue cover history, even as the issue breaks sales records. The snobbishness and negative comments pouring forth on twitter, facebook, and anywhere else that there's a comment box would have you think that no one was even remotely interested, and yet the numbers of issues sold climbs and climbs. What no one wants to admit is that we, the public, created this cover by creating a new era of vulgarity.

People have slowly relaxed social standards to the point where profanity laced rap music is the norm. Reality shows offer us glimpses into the sloppy daily lives of nobodies and quasi-celebrities. The Kanye West/ Kim Kardashian Vogue cover is literally the marriage of these two cultures, which are now the manifestation of the American psyche. It's all about sex tapes, the club, 'niggas', and big butts. It's all about 'Keeping Up With The Real HouseWives in the Real World'. Hip hip and reality stars are the sex, and it's selling.

And that's ok. America is one big tumultuous melting pot of rebels, pirates, Native Americans, jews, ex-slaves, expatriates, immigrants, geniuses, and fools. This is a polyglot society that thrives on grabbing as much as possible and then denying greed. While France or England have their Roman roots to fill back on, America, that brash young upstart, is still looking for it's real true identity. We are everything, and we'll do anything to succeed. We are Kim Kardashian, we just don't want to admit it. I mean, if you're not some blue blood fresh out of the social register (and I know I'm not) then what are you complaining about? Nan Kempner, Jackie O, and all those other grand ladies are gone. Now we have butt selfie goddess Jen Selfert.

Let's stop acting like no one saw this coming.

For all those who sigh and moan over this cover being the end of fashion and 'good taste', let's not forget that we have allowed Kimye to take over all forms of media, watched them on tv, listened to them, retweeted them, bought their products, taken their fashion advice, cooed over their baby, and basically invaded every nook and cranny of the lives they so gleefully expose to us. If they're so horrifying, then why did you make them famous? Stop pretending... you love every silly, grandiose minute of it and you can't wait to see what they do next. Embrace it, people. Love it. You asked for it, you got it- Kim and Kanye are the new gods of American Vulgarity.

Just thank your lucky stars and all that is holy and good that it isn't Amber Rose and move on.

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