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OpEd: Joe Biden concedes that hope and change didn't happen

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Speaking at Generation Progress, a segment of the think tank Center for American Progress, Vice President Joe Biden concedes that the "hope and change" promises made in the 2008 Obama/Biden campaign just didn't happen. "Everybody says because we tried in '08 and it didn't happen, it's not possible. Wrong. We've gone through these periods before." He goes on to say, "But folks, this is totally within our power," he said. "Change. Change for the better is absolutely possible, and I believe it's close to inevitable, if you're the drivers of it."

So there it is. An admission that those promises didn't and couldn't happen. And is it any surprise? By 2010 most folks had pretty much given up on the notion that Barack Obama could or would follow through on any of his grandiose promises made to the American people. However.... on the other hand, he has made some mighty big changes, but not one of them has done anything to make this country any better. If fact, most of his changes have had a more detrimental effect than anything else. His Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it's better known is the most pronounced change.

But in looking at the overall picture its easy to see that the Obama administration, being the most scandal plagued of all previous administrations, has had the most profound long term effect, and has most assuredly changed this country forever. And the hope now is can America change back any of the ill effects of those scandalous changes? The presidents approval rating is now down below that of former President George W. Bush's, which was in the low 30's as he prepared to leave office. Now in all fairness to Joe, and to the liberals out there that are silently screaming at him right now. It's a well known fact that "say it ain't so Joe" has a propensity for gaffes both large and small, so it's quite possible that this is just another in a long line of Joe Biden's best.

But in the final tally, most people in one form or another wind up saying what they're really thinking the first time they say it. And it's pretty clear that even good 'ole Joe realizes that its over for this administration. That there is no hope for any kind of real and positive change before they both say goodbye to the White House. He knows they had their chance, that Americans were eager and ready and waiting in the beginning. Obama had given Americans high the vice president is willing to say that it just didn't happen.

What would be interesting to see is how far Biden distances himself from the hope and change ideas should he decide to run for president in 2016? Because he will have to put a lot of distance between him and the president if he does decide to run. And I think he has a pretty good idea that Obama will most likely not endorse him in 2016. However all of that remains to be seen.

In the meantime though, we can take it on Joe Biden's good authority that the 2008 promises of "hope and change" did not work out quite the way they had hoped. At this point only the American people themselves can produce the kind of hope and change that they do so richly deserve.

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