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Op-ed says Obama to out himself as a 'Marxist and an enemy of the Constitution'

Op-ed shreds Obama, says president to out himself as a "Marxist" and an enemy of the U.S. Constitution.
Op-ed shreds Obama, says president to out himself as a "Marxist" and an enemy of the U.S. Constitution.
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Barack Obama has come under considerable fire recently for his stated desire to act unilaterally. In a scathing op-ed posted Tuesday at The Blaze, radio talk show host Jay Severin said Obama will "declare he’s both a Marxist and an enemy of the Constitution of the United States" in Tuesday's State of the Union address.

"He will, thus, plead guilty to charges of Impeachment," Severin added.

According to Severin, Obama's declaration that he's for ending "income inequality" signals that he's a Marxist.

At the same time, Severin added, his stated intent to pursue his policy goals “with or without Congress” makes Obama the same kind of leader one might find in "South American and African juntas."

Severin describes the aforementioned political systems as "interesting," but reminds readers that it isn't the system set up by America's founders.

He also called Obama's threat to wield his pen and his phone blatantly anti-constitutional.

Severin continued by wondering what happened to the checks and balances in the Constitution -- those measures purposefully written into law designed to prevent an abuse of power by one branch of the government.

What happened, he added, is that there are no "real" Republicans in Congress to take the appropriate action.

As we have reported numerous times, GOP lawmakers have threatened to take action, but have not followed through because Democrats control the Senate. Even if Obama were successfully impeached in the House, the Senate would never vote to convict. And thus, Obama would remain in power.

Severin asked:

Think about it; if you haven’t. We have: Obama vows to unilaterally “end income inequality” (you know, for the first time ever, on earth, in human history), and do it totally in defiance of our elected representatives, what do you call that?

He answers: "We – and my 4th grader – call it: UnAmerican, Lawless, Impeachable."

Calling Obama a "Manchurian Candidate," Severin says the opposition party should simply "storm out" of the chamber in protest.

Others have suggested taking similar actions.

Talk show host Mark Levin, for example, said Republicans should boycott the speech.

"What the Republican should do is boycott the State of the Union. They should boycott the State of the Union so half of the House floor, because that's where they meet, is empty. And they should get together and present their own case on the State of the Union and explain in an articulate and concise way what the State of the Union is and how the president threatens this republic," he said earlier this month.

As we reported last October, Levin said Obama is preparing the country for a coup against the Constitution by threatening to take powers intended to be used only by Congress.

Severin continued, saying the country is "sunk" if no one in the GOP is willing to make the case against Obama.

"And what do I mean by sunk?" he asked.

"I mean the crime – and political opportunity – of a President of the United States that stands before our elected representatives (i.e. you and I), and declares, sc**w you – I’ll do what I want…I mean, if we stand for that, we get what we deserve," he said in response.

CNN's live coverage of Tuesday's State of the Union speech will start at 7 p.m. Eastern time. We will live-blog the speech at our Facebook page, here.



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