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'Oops, she did it again!': Britney Spears is accused of lip syncing (again)

It seems that the media just cannot "Leave Britney alone!" She has once again been accused of lip syncing in her performances in Las Vegas where she is completing a two-year commitment. She has most recently been on a three-month hiatus. In fairness to Spears, this particular incident in question may have just been a technical mistake by one of the crew. According to a Monday report on CNN, the track that Spears used in the monitor to sing along with while performing got put in the main mix for the show.

'Oops, she did it again!'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for EJAF

The song Spears was performing when the potential lip syncing was caught on video was "Perfume." The recording that is heard is by pop singer Sia who helped write the song. It would seem that she would lip sync to her own recording, if that is what she was purposely doing.

This is not the first time that the singer has been accused of lip syncing her performances for her show, “Pieces of Me,” at Planet Hollywood. There have been some comments that Spear’s performances are diminished from what they used to be and that the show is aptly titled. NYDailyNews reports that her manager had admitted that there is some lip syncing, but she sings what she can on every track.

“Pieces of Me,” like all other Britany Spears performances is very physically demanding, and those familiar with the pace of her dance choreography would be forced to admit that this is true. And, the singer is not a teenager anymore. The 32-year-old, mother of two may have problems continually singing and dancing at her former pace.

After Britany Spears suffered a melt-down earlier in her life, it is good to see her working and attempting to move forward like she has been doing for several years now. If she has to lip sync a bit here and there, so be it. While there are many points to be raised about Spear’s wardrobe decisions, it appears she is at least working and bringing in the ticket money.

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