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Oops, Justin Bieber did it again

It's un-Beliebable. Talk about making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Justin Bieber's latent jail fantasies were partially satisfied when he was arrested for speeding, DUI, and resisting arrest early in the morning of January 23.

Justin Bieber's arrest fantasies.
police mugshot

Smiling mugshots are not that bothersome when one knows that the mugshot will be pasted all over the front pages of newspaper calendar sections, passed around via the internet, and viewed millions of times - or maybe they are. Certainly people wish he looked properly ashamed of himself, with downturned eyes like Reese Witherspoon when she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

But in Bieber, it does appear like he's beaming with pride over fulfilling his arrest fantasies. Would someone please tell Justin Bieber that getting arrested in Miami for a DUI, resisting arrest, and speeding in a Lamborghini do not make him any more "legit" than it does David Cassidy or Mischa Barton. Nor does egging a neighbors house in a ritzy section of Calabasas. Nor does speeding by a neighbor's house while his child is playing on the sidewalk in that same ritzy section of Calabasas. Nor does getting you "friend," Lil' Za arrested for what is probably your stash.

Egging houses and toilet papering are the domain of 12-year-olds, not grown adults. It seems that these decisions are being made while on drugs, because a sober person would most likely not engage in such antics. Back when he was still a minor and filmed a "Funny or Die" segment about misbehavior, it was still funny. It's just not funny or cute anymore.

Neighbor and Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, victory danced while tweeting to celebrate the pop star's arrest in Miami. "They finally caught HIM! Glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. Everyone grows up at some point. Hopefully he learns from it."

The real shame is that everyone will point the finger at child stardom as the problem. However, many child stars have turned into somewhat normal adults with viable careers. Reese Witherspoon waited until she was 38 to get in trouble with the law. Former wizard of Waverly Place and Bieber ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, only acted like a delinquent in "Spring Breakers," while staying career-focused in real life. Former Mousketeers Justin Timberlake and Kerri Russell seem to stay squeaky clean.

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