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OOMO is the new cube in los angeles

Your view is not askew, the OOMO cube was created that way.
Your view is not askew, the OOMO cube was created that way.
copyright 2014 Lori J Bjork

There's a new cube in town. It's name: OOMO.

Giving OOMO a spin
copyright 2014 lori j bjork

We can thank the cube's artist, Nicole Maloney, facebook, the city of Los Angeles (L.A.), OneWest Bank, the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) and Claremont Lincoln University for making this cube possible. Thank you.

The OOMO cube can be found in the plaza adjacent to JANM at First Street and Central Avenue, downtown L.A.. Some refer to this area of downtown L.A. as Little Tokyo, which may be conveniently accessed by getting off at the Little Tokyo Metro Gold Line Station.

After the suspense-building fence that surrounded the spot that would soon house the OOMO cube was removed for its early March, 2014 unveiling, the cube has become a welcome interactive sight to L.A.'s Little Tokyo.

About now, you may be thinking, "Oh no, I don't know what OOMO stands for." OOMO is an acronym for

Out of Many One

The cube is meant to become a global symbol for human oneness. We may be many; yet, we are one.

OOMO cube's artist, Nicole Maloney, who is a photographer at NM Photography, invites us (as referenced in OOMO's website) to

"stand in awe instead of judgment of one another"

OOMO's vision: change the world one city at a time. L. A. is the first city to receive and display an OOMO cube. At this article's press time another cube is set to be be displayed in another city in 216 days per

The cube is reminiscent of that many-colored, cube-shaped puzzle. And OOMO is spin-able. Hence the cube's inherent nature for interactivity with the out of many humans.

It's fun to spin the new cube in town.

Come. See. Spin. Enjoy. OOMO

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