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Ooh la la , Rue La La

Example of Rue La La email add.  

Technology is making the convenience of shopping wonderful.  Today, shopping online is so common in my everyday life.  I love it because I can search around different sites and find my product for the cheapest price.  

A friend of mine sent me an invite to an "invitation only site,"  it consists of different "boutiques."  They sell designer merchandise for extremely cheap, and it is the real deal. Yesterday, they had a boutique that featured J- Brand jeans that were 79.00.  Usually they run for 160.00 to 200.00.  They have a variety of merchandise too.  They even had a Kitchen-aid boutique, so it proves that they are not only selling clothing.  As long as I have been a member I have noticed, jewelry boutiques, shoes, jeans, casual clothing, dresses, menswear, and even handbags.  I'm not talking any handbags, I am talking Prada, to Marc Jacobs.  This site truly has a lot to offer.  

So here is the catch.  It is invitation only.  I am giving you this opportunity to join the site.  It does not cost anything, but you have to contact me if you are really interested in joining.  Just send me an email and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.  How each boutique works, is that they debut on a certain date and then stay up for about two days, but things are sure to sell out quickly; however, you can "favorite" the boutiques you like the most and be notified on when they come up.  

For more info: email