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Oodles of pooches need to be rescued at Georgia's Fulton County Animal Services

This time four dogs are snuggled together at Fulton County Animal Services where Kyra and Delaware slept last week. The photo of the two dogs cuddled in each other's arms went viral through social media.
Urgent Dogs at Fulton County Animal Services

Typhoon, Manny, Carlyle and Brice are not part of a college fraternity stunt to see how many dogs can fit on a Karunda bed; they are all homeless dogs who have bonded with each other at Fulton Animal Services in Georgia.

Friends of Fulton County Animal Services hope that animal lovers and humane advocates will step up and foster, rescue, or adopt these beautiful dogs.

Just a few days ago, the photos of two dogs sleeping together with their paws and arms wrapped around each other at the same Atlanta shelter, captured the hearts of thousands as social media shared that peaceful and intimate moment as time stood still for one-year-old Labrador retriever mix Kyra, and her best friend, Delaware, an eight-month-old pit bull mix. As slim as their chances are of finding homes, the plight of these innocent victims of irresponsible ownership raises the awareness for everyone from small county to huge city shelters, and sends the heartbreaking message that too many beautiful lives are lost to euthanasia.

And here are the reference numbers for our feisty foursome pictured above. Email or contact for additional information about each dog:

Typhoon - 465219
Manny - 4665145
Carlyle - 465982
Brice - 465065


Urgent Animal Hotline: 678-870-4364

Fulton County Animal Shelter is located at 860 Marietta Blvd NW in Atlanta, GA 30318

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Three to four million cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are killed every year in shelters because of the lack of homes and funds. Five to seven million companion animals enter animal shelters every year. Please spay and neuter your pets. They will live longer and happier lives.

If by some chance these four beauties are not exactly what you are looking for in your next four-legged best friend, Friends of Fulton County Animal Services feature many other beautiful pets just waiting to find homes. You will never see more beautiful faces; even at the most prestigious dog breeders.

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