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Onurmark Productions announces 2011 Houston TX3 Race Series

The swim start of the 2010 Clear Lake Triathlon
The swim start of the 2010 Clear Lake Triathlon
Kelly Smith,

Onurmark is bringing a 3 race series to Houston next summer. More accurately, it will be 5 triathlons at 3 venues since 2 of them will have both an Olympic distance and a sprint distance. And the Olympic distance in our Texas summers can be tough.

The first event in the TX3 series will be the Gateway to the Bay Tri with the sprint on April 2, 2011 and the Olympic on April 3, giving over-achievers the opportunity to warm up at the Saturday event and then really kick it on Sunday. Both courses will be in Kemah but the course map won't be available until around Christmas. It's probably safe to assume the swim will be in the bay. Will the Kemah Bridge be part of the run course?

The second event of the series is the Bridgeland Triathlon in Cypress on August 7. This race will have only a sprint component. This swim is said to be in a lake but in the aerial view it looks like one of those oversized, shallow subdivision ponds.

Finally, get ready for a fun-filled day in Cypress once again on September 25. This time there are both sprint and Olympic distance events but they are both on the same day with only 1 hour difference between the start times but no double-dipping this time since the longer distance race starts first. These events are known collectively as the Houston Triathlons. For more information, see the interactive race calendar.

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