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Ontario's Granada Theater Wants You

Pics of the Granada Theater, Route 66 Academy, and Mule Cart Studios
Pics of the Granada Theater, Route 66 Academy, and Mule Cart Studios
The Granada Theater stage

“Build it and they will come.” We all know that comes from Field of Dreams. Even though the Granada Theater has existed since 1926, I would like to introduce to you to the new Granada Theater, or as I say, the Field of Dreams for the music scene. Much like the Field of Dreams, the Granada is a not just a place to gather for the love of something special. It is the building of something bigger, bridging the community with the music scene (instead of baseball). So what's new? Let me introduce you to the Theater and the projects that tie the theater to the community.

Located in Ontario California the Granada Theater is a historic building. This once grand theater is in a conveniently located spot between LA and Palm Springs. This location is the perfect spot to merge the LA music scene with the Inland Empire and High Desert scenes/bands. This is not only be good for bands and fans who support the local music scenes by giving them a beautiful venue close to home, but for the business owners in Downtown Ontario who cater to the fans of the bands playing at the Granada Theater.

The Granada Theater in its current state needs a little TLC. As it stands now the antique marquee and some paint is needed, but beyond that the theater has amenities for the bands and fans alike. Bands should know that this theater can boast about holding 600 people, it has private green rooms for the bands with bathrooms, it has theater seats on the upper level, and the stage built to host live theater is huge (I like to call it a Cadillac stage) and much more.

Not only is the theater a music venue, it is also home to Route 66 Music Academy. Diana, founder of Route 66 Academy started the school and offers lessons in Theater Arts, Voice, Various Musical Instruments, and much more. The mission of the Academy is “Route 66 Academy of the Arts has everything from fun community workshops to advanced classes and programs. All ages are welcome. We would like to create accessible and relevant arts for Ontario and surrounding communities." This is where community meets the music scene and both support each other. The Granada Theater is in-fact Diana’s Field of Dreams. In an interview she told us that her main goal is that the school and the school supports the theater and vice-versa. You can hear her full interview on Friday March 7th, only on the ROCKwell UnScene Radio Show.

Diana offers yet another option to her field of dream theater plan. Located 2 blocks away is Mule Cart Studios. Yes a real life studio that includes a vocal room, a drum and instrument room, engineering room, and a lounge area. I had a chance to tour the studio and let me tell you it is a playground for those that are serious about the studio side of music.

Think of the new Granada Theater as a bands one stop shop that offers a 600 seat theater, a studio, a chance to take music lessons if needed and a community resource helping re-vitalize downtown Ontario. What better way to support both music and the community. Don’t take my word for it. Come out and see it for yourself. It is a “Field of Dreams” in the making and they want you to get involved and be part of something positive for all.

Written by: Melissa Anderson

Contributed Photo's Route 66 Academy and ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine

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