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Ontario psychic/astrologer predicts protests worldwide; martial law in U.S.

Psychic, astrologer and tarot card reader, Tara Greene, has predicted that this year “will be way more volatile” than 2013.

According to her astrological readings, “The planets align into a Grand Cardinal Cross between the planets Uranus- ruler of revolutions, freedom and technology in Aries- new life and Pluto,” still considered by astrologers to be a planet. Pluto, she noted, “rules death, secrets, control, rebirth, nuclear energy, recycling, transformation in Capricorn of Power, corporations, fascism and now Mars in Libra for most of 2014 and Jupiter in Cancer till July.”

She explained that Uranus and Pluto “created the 60’s revolution” and will spark protests against governments in many countries.

“The Occupy movement becomes the ‘WE1’ (we, one) movement. Mass protests worldwide will inevitably have to be televised. Huge civil blockades (and) strikes on major highways, in every major city will be synchronized,” she noted due to “escalating economic woes…”

More frightening is her prediction that due to “escalating economic woes worldwide” and more “banking scandals,” there could be “closure of banks in the world as happened in Cypress. There could be phony bank hacking warnings from the government in the U.S.”

Aside from those dire predictions, Greene sees April 2014 as the craziest month of all. Calling it “off the radar,” she foresees “plane crashes, accidents and Fukushima “totally polluting the Pacific, marshal law in the U.S… war starting (and) all hell breaking loose.

At the same time, Greene noted that according to the Tarot, “this symbolizes a year of a return to family, friends, caring for people emotionally, home, centering, children, women, food, water (and) self love.” She added that it will be “very much a women, feminine energy, goddess oriented year.”

The Toronto psychic has made many more predictions including the ousting of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a possible assassination of Pope Francis by more conservative fundamentalists, massive water shortages, more Monsanto protests over genetically modified foods, extreme weather conditions, major earthquakes and a U.S. economic plunge.

In Canada, Greene predicted that “more charges” would be laid against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

“He will be charged with 2nd degree murder.” In March she noted Ford “should be walked out in handcuffs as he has just pretended to do in his oh so arrogant way.”

As well she predicted that the Canadian military might be forced to take action over the North Pole passageway in order to defend its claim.

And on an interesting note as some other psychics have suggested UFO sightings worldwide will truly be “out of this world. It will be leaked that governments have been making pacts with E.T.’s for years.” Greene also predicted, “Many people will be receiving channeled messages from those who have passed on. People will think they are going crazy but the ethers are opening up.”

To get more information on any of these events, as well as predictions on celebrities, royalty, health care, deaths, continuing National Security Agency (NSA) scandals and sports, go HERE.

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