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Ontario couple guilty of keeping 40 pythons at local motel

Female ball python.
Female ball python.
Wikimedia Commons

Guy Boisseault and Cynthia Csomos of Brantford, Ontario, Canada have been found guilty of cruelty to animals for failing to provide adequate care and water for 40 ball pythons being kept at the Bell City Motel. Owning a python is illegal in Brantford.

The conviction, which carries a penalty of $1,000 for each of them, as well as an order to pay $637.50 in restitution to the Brant County SPCA, comes seven months after local police found the snakes, ranging in size from several inches to more than 3-feet, in several tote bags. They are also forbidden to “live with, care for, or own any animal for 10 years and must notify the Ontario SPCA one week before making any change of address.

According to the Brant County SPCA, officers found the snakes ranging from several inches to more than 3 feet in several totes after being called to the motel by local police. Several of the animals were said to have been extremely dehydrated, and “suffering from heat exhaustion and fatigue.”

The smallest of African pythons, ball pythons are favorites in the pet trade due to the fact that they rarely grow to be more than 6-feet long and are considered relatively “docile.”