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Only winners allowed in the winner's circle and this years it's Scott Stallings

This years Torrey Pines PGA tournament was successful for some
This years Torrey Pines PGA tournament was successful for some

A little boy watches the world through the lenses of those nearby. He hears what’s important through the filters of family. Language acquired; Growth and time yields a young man who is ready to take on the world!

Winners are intense people

One such little boy wanted to please his Pop and he did. Call him a Tiger. Another boy enjoyed living up to Pop’s presentations of what the world could do for you. Call him lefty.

Tiger and Lefty have combined to win oh so many tournaments; it is funny that on this one beautiful weekend in San Diego neither played the final round on Sunday. Instead that joy went to Scott Stallings.

Who? Yes yes yes. He is that young dude who knew he wanted to be a Tiger when he grew up and so it was! As a member of the “Volunteer State”, young Stallings watched Tiger Woods do what Tigers do best, win decisively on a big stage. With his father watching the match, Scott knew he’d do what is becoming natural for him to do and that is to be a great golfer who is able to win on the biggest stages.

In no way an easy victory, Scott Stallings emerged on the last day of play the one champion who showed the world of golf what it takes to be the best.

Torrey Pines is one of the toughest courses in the world and hosts the Farmers Insurance Open for the elite golfers of the world. There, Stallings earned the right to deposit a winner’s check for nearly 1.1 million dollars because he did what he needed to do and came away with his third career PGA victory.

Not a bad paycheck for a guy who is only 28 and who San Diego will be looking forward to a return trip to Torrey Pines for another Farmers tournament in our future.