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Only two weekends left for Michigan's Renaissance Festival 2009

Performers as well as patrons dress the part.
Performers as well as patrons dress the part.

Photo by: Mark Moore

If you've never been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan, it's one of those places that you should plan to go.  It isn't like anything else and it will leave you thinking about its uniqueness long after you're home.

The shops (and there are MANY) offer unique crafts, art, and wearables, the food is not only reasonably priced (a unique feature for this type of event in itself!) but substantial and tasty. During our visit on Sept. 12, there wasn't a single food item priced more that $5.

Parking is tough. If you arrive after noon, you may have to park as far as 1/2 mile away and walk the blacktopped path to the entrace.  Once in, you will also walk a great deal around the massive grounds. If being on your feet for an extended period is a concern, check into a wheelchair or other type of assistance before you go.

Another solution to the parking problem: If you have a motorcycle, consider riding it! Parking for bikes is just steps from the main entrance!

The people attending the festival are more fun to watch than the employee performers. My husband enjoyed the buxom women in the corsetted costumes of the period, and the flamboyant costumes of the men and women alike varied from authentic to garrish. While some folks even dedicated themselves to keeping their language true to the era, most just relaxed and enjoyed the efforts of others.

Music and performances abound! Your day will be filled with the kind of entertainment you just won't find anywhere else!  The RenFest runs from August 22 to October 4. Admission is $15.95 per adult and $6.95 for children.  A "Click and Print" option is available for an addtional $1.25 service fee which allows you to purchase tickets on your computer and print them immediately. Discount tickets are available at Kroger and Walgreen's as well.