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Only PFC Bergdahl's platoon leader can attest to performance

The chain of command is clear in the US military as is the process of reviewing performance. A PFC in theater will have been tested and evaluated, under close watch. So, what do his military managers have to say about his performance? Did they submit a report to their chain of command that PFC Bergdahl was performing acceptably? Did they report that his performance in duty was superlative or to be commended?

Susan Rice, disgracing the Obama administration again
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The words used by National Security advisor Susan Rice are these:

“White House national security adviser Susan Rice on Friday defended her remark about how Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had served in the military with "honor and distinction."

Is she freelancing with that assessment? Were those the words provided by Bergdahl’s management leaders?

“I realize there has been a lot of discussion and controversy around this,” Rice said to CNN about that remark. ‘What I was referring to is the fact that this was a young man who volunteered to serve his country in uniform at a time of war. That in itself is a very honorable thing.’

‘But ‘honor and distinction?’ Acosta asked.

‘Jim, really,’ Rice said. ‘This is a young man whose circumstances we are still going to learn about.’
Rice said Bergdahl is being tried in ‘the court of public opinion’ and said people should withhold judgment until the facts are known.

‘He is, as all Americans, innocent until proven guilty,’ Rice said. ‘He is now being tried in the court of public opinion after having gone through enormously traumatic five years of captivity. His parents, the same.’”

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Susan Rice, you are on trial by American voters. Your performance and judgment is in question again in a critical case. Your way with words isn’t standing up well given your high position in government. You are undermining the President, our government, and the Democrat Party. Clearly, you are freelancing again and projecting your personal opinion where it doesn’t belong. Susan Rice, you should resign from your position in government and with the caveat, don’t return again.

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