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Only Once Images

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A picture is worth a thousand words…and at least a thousand memories. And since we tend to take pictures of happy occasions, gazing at photographs can trigger a smile or provoke a chuckle that seems to surface from out of nowhere.

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Angela LaMonte was introduced to the wonders of photography as a child. She recalls a close family friend constantly snapping pictures of absolutely anything and everything that crossed his path. Angela was intrigued by the simple everyday moments he captured that were frozen in time. Whether this experience ignited in her a keen observation of people and nature, or whether she already possessed that trait, is anybody’s guess. One thing is certain – it set the stage for photography becoming Angela’s career of choice.

Only Once Images is the essence of what Angela’s photographs capture. She considers herself a visual story teller, and that is certainly the impression I got as I viewed her site. Each photograph makes you want to linger and absorb the emotion that resides just under the surface, assuring that those precious moments are captured and preserved for generations to come.

Although Angela calls Houston home, she’s available to travel internationally, so she can capture your special moment or help you create a photo journal of your special event wherever it takes place. Angela will update her website soon to add more photographs so you can explore her creative talents to an even greater degree. In the meantime, Madeleine Peyroux will delight you with her alluring Jazz tunes that make perusing Angela’s site that much more delightful.

Angel LaMonte
Only Once Images
2608 Persa
Houston, Texas 77098