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Only God could build DNA and Protein

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We have written a number of articles entitled "Only God could build..." and with strong reasons behind them. But most of those were concerned with a creature with a brain albeit sometimes very small. But the title of our efforts here concern two items of God's creation which cannot classify as creature with a brain. And herein is the reason no one could possibly have built them to perform and accomplish their mission without a brain except the omnipotent, omniscient God of heaven. Protein has been referred to by some as "The Brainless Wonder".

During the late 1800's a chemist discovered something within a cell which was different than protein which he named nuclein. Later it was discovered to be heavily acid and then became known as nucleic acid. Still a little later, chemists were able to find and separate 4 compounds which contain nitrogen in them. These compounds were named, adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine. Within each of the nucleic acids, large numbers of these 4 compounds were found.

In 1911, Phoebus Levene, an American biochemist, though born in Russia, discovered that there were two types of nucleic acid in each cell. These were named ribonucleic acid, (RNA), and the other deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

Just the discovery of these ultra microscopic things in each living cell is enough to convince any unprejudiced mind that they could never occur through pure chance or accident. But those who are determined to discount God who created all things, continue their crusade to convince that they could, through billions of years, develop. However, even with modern chemical laboratories and remarkable devices to work with, they cannot put these chemicals together and create life!

But, the critical part is yet to come. These discoveries, specifically protein and DNA, have functions which could not be duplicated by the most brilliant human mind. The processes are difficult to explain with proper clarity, however we shall attempt to present it in a manner which will at least furnish us with the virtual impossibility of being conducted without a mind to direct it.

Let us briefly, with some quotes from those who know, what takes place in these cells. This writer is, by no stretch of the imagination, an accomplished scientist, having studied biology on a limited basis in college, with no further science education other than considerable reading. It would be of benefit at this point to consider the following paragraph.

If one is sincerely eager to gain some understanding of this amazing function of these microscopic cell compounds, we recommend reading the full page carefully which is found here. The structure and function of DNA.

However, in purely layman's terms, we will attempt to lay out the basics of these compounds.

The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is described as being built in the shape of a double-railed winding staircase and when fully extended would be some six and one-half feet long! This gives some semblance of just how tiny these things are. Within these tiny strips are embedded instructions concerning every minute feature of its host. And every additional cell which develops must be given that code in order to replicate it. It is the purpose of the proteins to carry that information from the DNA to the new cell under construction. Biologists have learned that proteins are built perfectly to decode the DNA and transfer it to the new cell. The proteins have a single twisting strand of chemicals, unlike the double strain of the DNA. This single strand, helix, fits into the groove of the DNA helix and makes contact with the DNA code. That is by far an overly simplified description. But, once again, it is suggested that one read the information contained in the linked page above.

It is not our purpose to educate one in the make-up of these cells but, rather, show the miraculously accurate operation of these cells to produce other cells with common characteristics. With no brain, no obvious electronic tracks to move upon, yet they perform their tiny duties with precision and accuracy.

Our question is, how many billions of years would it take for these chemicals precision factors to come together from primordial soup and form such a precise cell and what would make it become a living cell? 14.5 billion just won't cut it. Nor will it if it is tripled, or multiplied by one with one trillion zeros. With all the outstanding accomplishments and instruments to work with and sterile surroundings, they still cannot make it happen in a modern laboratory.

So the dilemma is that of wondering why, when God has given them, not only the chemicals and materials which is required for life, but He also has given them premium instruments and opened up the very particulars which it takes to create life...and yet when they put those things together, there is no life. If they put them together and wait another 14.5 billions of years, there will still be none.

We must not skip the fact that ribonucleic acid (RNA) can transmit data from the DNA code but Proteins can also obtain data from the DNA and take it to other developing cells. If one stops to consider these amazing facts, knowing that neither of the compounds has any sort of a brain or electronic tracks to travel, etc. They simply do their job with no known means of direction.

It is without question, an amazing accomplishment that scientists have learned the many things concerning the operation of the universe, the human body and the many other highly technical fields. Yet, the one thing which is missing in their studies, rather than what they have personally achieved, is the existence of all of these amazing marvels, where ever they look are things virtually beyond the human's ability to comprehend. And, the mere fact that they have discovered it, does not diminish the fact that God created it all. Rather, it proves it beyond any doubt. Time and chance simply cannot produce all of the intrinsic factors which fall within our natural laws, but even more impossible is the fact that these natural laws exist. It has been absolutely proven by our natural laws that: (1) Something cannot be made from nothing. (2) Nothing physical can continue forever, nor can it have been here forever. (3) In order for this immense universe with it precise functioning, could not have been born from nothing. Anything has to have a cause. Even totally empty space would not exist with out a cause. The Biog-Bang could never have occurred, simply because there was not a singularity the size of a pencil dot...if indeed such did exist, from whence did it come?

Common sense and reason totally must end when we arrive at the point of nothing physical existing. Nothing. Since much does indeed exist, there absolutely is no answer except a supernatural mentality having existed forever and ever. When our people come to realize the in depth meaning of that circumstance, and turn their attention to investigation of that supernatural power, this world cannot help but become a better place.

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