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Only God could build a housefly

Common Housefly
Common Housefly

A housefly? Who cares whether or not anyone except God could build a housefly? It is not so much that anyone would care to build a pesky housefly and perhaps it seems as if it is a simple creature and not all that complicated. But again, even in such a tiny insignificant pest as the common housefly, God's handiwork is again displayed. So let us briefly look at some of the factors involved in the complexity of the fly.

First, the housefly is one of, if not the most, widespread insects on the face of the earth. It is found in virtually every country except for those with frigid cold. Not much unusual is known about this insect except the eyes. Even the eyes were not recognized as unusual until recent decades. Flies can spot slight movement even in shadows and against interference-filled backgrounds. this helps them survive when in close proximity with predators. The eyes are of such intrigue that Australian scientists have reported that they hold a very important blueprint for creating better video cameras, surveillance systems, and military target-detection systems. A postdoctoral research fellow of the University of Adelaide, Russell Brinkworth, has devised software that sees the same way the eyes of the flies do.

Brilliant scientists have discovered amazing facts about many features of God's creation, and no one tries to deny that fact. But we must realize that being able to discover and determine such features is far less of an accomplishment than that of the creation of these most magnificent features in nature. And only one with infinite wisdom and knowledge could possibly do it. There are literally billions of such amazing characteristics within the universe, and even a single one is more than would be in existence by chance. For one to truly believe that all these things came into existence by chance, he would have lost all reason.

If any of you have a tendency to accept the evolutionists' fantasies, I hope you will read the following article. found on Access Research Network (ARN) Top 10 Darwin vs. Design News Stories for 2006.