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Only choose bunnies and chicks of the chocolate kind for Easter

Make sure your kids only get rabbits of the chocolate or stuffed variety
Make sure your kids only get rabbits of the chocolate or stuffed variety
Kevin Law of Los Angeles

In the not too long ago past, children were given the most beautiful fluffy little peeps. The stores had huge displays of them and everyone, adult and child alike, was seduced by the lovely colors they were dyed. Yes, they were beautiful in soft pastels of pink, blue, green and lavender. They were adorable, but were soon discarded as they grew and were not so colorful. They just became junior aged chickens and lost their appeal.

Rabbits of the real kind were also popular and who could resist a cute little bunny? But after being given to a child for Easter, they were often neglected and if lucky ended up on someone’s farm instead of being buried.

I’m not sure people learned their lesson since I still occasionally see ads for Easter bunnies, not the chocolate kind, for sale. People must be made to see that these delightful creatures are beautiful, living things and not toys. People must appreciate that God provided these farm animals that grew from tiny samples to be food eventually or be raised for breeding. They are living beings. They are not toys or a replacement for candy or stuffed bunnies. They are real and require care to grow to maturity. Most families do not have the room or the time to raise these animals, that is what farmers and livestock breeders are for and they can be well trusted with the job.

Sometimes, parents who want their children to have everything, forget the common decency that requires people to not choose animals as belongings or possessions. They are breathing and have feelings and have needs and should be respected and taken care of properly. They were not given us for amusement or fun, they are living creatures, most often destined to be food and not pets.

There may be one in 20 people who appreciate them as pets and to them, they are pets. These animals are usually spoiled and even live better than some people's children, but that is a rarity.

Important and recommended advice is to stick to beautifully decorated Easter eggs in flavors that are delectable and chocolate bunnies and chicks tin a variety of decorative versions. Forgo the real bunnies and chicks unless you are raising responsible kids and they are working on a 4 H project for example. Cruelty to animals happens when they are discarded or not cared for and that is a lesson we do not wish to teach our children.

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