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'Only in America - Redux'

November 7, 2008

Blaming President Bush for all the problems.
Blaming President Bush for all the problems.
Don't Laugh, It Might Be You!

“With a 14% African-American population in the United States it is obvious that Obama’s victory was an all-American victory, racially speaking, and as he gave his victory speech there were as many tears of joy running down the cheeks of whites as there were blacks… unheard of in American politics. President-elect Obama is probably the most charismatic candidate we have had in national politics since Teddy Roosevelt, eclipsing even John Kennedy and Bill Clinton, and the look on the faces of his supporters as he spoke Tuesday night, was one of adulation, expectation, and unreserved trust.

“Media pundits were not immune to the emotional tug on the heart, especially those of African-American origin who realize the mountaintop feeling of a new dawn and a long held dream finally realized. Juan Williams of Fox News and MSNBC’s Eugene Robinson could hardly contain their tears as they spoke on the importance of this election in the hearts and minds of fellow blacks in America. Many blacks interviewed were sad that their parents or grandparents were not alive to be able to witness the election of one of their own to the Presidency. It is truly a remarkable, if not long overdue, accomplishment and a definite turn in the right direction for our country.”

The above two paragraphs were written by me in an article, entitled ‘Only In America’, I posted on this website, November 7th, 2008, immediately after the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. In the campaign months prior to the election I wrote many articles decrying Obama’s total lack of experience in business and the governing of anything or anyone and predicted the American people would be too intelligent to elect someone like him to fill the chair of the President of the largest business in the world, and the largest political office in the world.

After reading the column which included the above two paragraphs, friends and readers of my political columns contacted me wondering why I had written something that was so positive about Mr. Obama’s election victory. My answer was that the ‘… remarkable, if not long overdue, accomplishment and a definite turn in the right direction for our country…” comment in the last sentence of the article was referring to the election of a person of color to the White House, which I truly felt was long overdue. There were, and are, many black Americans who are qualified to be the President of the United States. Mr. Obama wasn't, and isn’t, one of them. My doubts about Mr. Obama being qualified for the office of President were still the same when I wrote the above words, but I felt I owed him the benefit of the doubt and the right to ‘prove himself’, since, ipso facto, he had already been elected.

Unfortunately, for the American people and the country itself, my original and long-felt opinion of Obama’s capabilities, or lack thereof, as a leader of this or any other country has been proven beyond the shadow of the doubt. He actually proved it only months after taking over as President, and has been allowed by those who worship him or fear him, to systematically change the moral and fiscal landscape of this once fine nation into a debt-ridden, amoral society, that is now ridiculed and laughed at by the world’s leaders and citizens.

This past 2012-Presidential Election would have been the opportune time to fire him for malfeasance in office but, out of shame to admit they were wrong the first time, or just plain ignorance at best, or stupidity at worst, the voters brought him back into office. Now we have a continuing piling on of our nation’s debt; the loss of health care by millions of Americans who were told it wouldn’t happen; totally ignoring or breaking Constitutional law with Executive Orders; circumventing Congressional oversight and legislation; and laying out plans for reducing America’s military in times of growing terrorism in the world and turmoil in our foreign relations including continued indifference and/or ignorance to Israel's unique situation with Muslim countries surrounding her.

Mr. Obama’s latest polls indicate that many of those who brought him back for an encore performance may actually have come to their senses and will take steps in the 2014 elections to vote out of office those prancing, pandering politicians who continue to dance to Obama’s Pied Piper’s tune and bring fiscal and moral sanity back into government. For the sake of our country and the safety, sanity and health of its citizens let us pray that it will be so.



Please view the video attached to this article and the slideshow of Obama-flavored photos for more insight as to who this President is.

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