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Onlookers laugh at male domestic violence, VIDEO

Male domestic violence no laughing matter.
Male domestic violence no laughing matter.
David Castillo Dominici/freedigitalphotos(dot)net

A hidden video camera captured the difference in how people view domestic violence in regards to males and females. When the female was harassed by the male (actors) in front of strangers out in a public location, the strangers who witnessed it were disgusted and intervened. However, the same couple switched roles and when the female harassed the male, people appeared to be amused and laughed. Nobody helped the man, they thought it was funny.

The experiment by ManKind documents how most people react when men are the victims of domestic violence verses when women are the victims. The ManKind Initiative is a charity located in Taunton, Somerset (England) which provides support for male victims of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence #ViolenceIsViolence by ManKind (VIDEO)

According to a researcher at the University of Phoenix School of Criminal Justice and Security, over 40% of severe physical violence in intimate relationships occur in men. Additionally, males are often the victims of psychological aggression, including sexual manipulation by the female partners. These statistics do not reflect what many individuals believe as a patriarchal society in America, less the ‘glass ceiling’ theories.

Any incident of domestic violence is serious whether the victim is a man or a woman. Men can be victims, too.

Domestic Abuse Hotline - 1-888-743-5754 or call 911

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