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OnLive cloud gaming service hits iPad and Android tablets

The OnLive cloud gaming service hits the iPad and Android tablets.
The OnLive cloud gaming service hits the iPad and Android tablets.
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Columbus tablet gaming fans looking for more of a high-end PC or console game experience need to check out the OnLive game streaming service, currently seeing a rollout to the iPad and Android tablets.

The folks at reported on the OnLive mobile rollout earlier today.

LA Noire, Assassin's Creed, and Batman: Arkham City on the iPad

OnLive's array of mobile supported titles looks promising. Popular console and PC games like LA Noire, Assassin's Creed, and Batman: Arkham City are all part of the game streaming service's tablet debut.

A full range of the most popular recent games are available on OnLive, with prices ranging from $5.99 to nearly fifty dollars. Users are able to try out games for free, with rental and gaming bundle packages also available. Of course, a WiFi or 3G network connection is required to use the service.

Frankly, a game streaming service or cloud gaming becomes a more compelling concept on a tablet device, as it allows the gamer to play games normally ill-suited to the resource-constrained mobile environment. Using the OnLive wireless control truly makes the iPad a PC-level gaming device. Touchscreen control is also supported.

Will Apple and Google allow OnLive and other game streaming services?

Given Apple's overly restrictive App Store polices, it's a wonder that OnLive is actually allowed in the App Store. The fact that the iPad app is free and all game purchases happen through a PC or Mac allows OnLive to work. Essentially, it's like the Netflix iPad app, but for video games.

Columbus gamers looking for a high-end mobile gaming experience definitely need to check out OnLive on an iPad or Android tablet. Support for smartphones and the Kindle Fire is also available.

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