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Online video dating software takes social media by storm


Out of Buffalo Grove, Illinois comes a unique addition to the online dating space. faCetalk Online allows members of dating sites to meet one another virtually before deciding whether or not they should meet in person.

The application allows dating site members to go beyond chat rooms and posted photographs to get a sense of who someone is. Important elements of the software include users having the ability to actually see a person and know that their online picture is real, find out how they interact and watch body language to learn even more about the person they are interested in.

faCetalk, developed by CAMEyeO, Inc., is just one application developed by the company..

A more recent development involves a unique Facebook application allowing friends to introduce two friends to one another. The introduction is done through video becoming a modern day online blind date. Two single individuals get to view videos of one another and then decide if they want to meet.

This matchmaking application allows two single individuals to have a 30 minute video date that is scheduled and anonymous. All personal information remains confidential between the parties and they decide if they want to meet again – online or off.

The application is great for someone who is convinced that two of their friends are “a perfect match”.

Facebook Application – More information here.

To learn more about CAMEyeO, Inc. and the software products they develop, visit the official website at, or contact Dan Wellisch at (847) 254-9355.


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