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Online updating and Orphan plants

It used to be that in order to achieve a custom décor look, you had to spend a ton of money to us professionals, or invest a lot of hours doing it yourself.

Check out the lighting in this elegant reception room! by getty images

Nowadays, you don't have to; there's a world of virtually anything you need online, from custom wall art to custom-designed slip covers.

Here's a few home-decor staples that can be customized online:

There are literally thousands of options for special-designing a home's lighting design, with a range from chandeliers to pendant lights in an endless variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Probably the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to customize a wall (or walls) are by using family photos. But sometimes a room needs a canvas-wrapped print or some eye-catching wrap art. At, there's a HUGE selection at reasonable prices; besides having hundreds of prints to choose from, you can also make a custom-designed canvas print by uploading your own image. And with so many options, it's possible to find exactly what you're looking for AND have something that's truly one-of-a-kind!

Slip Covers
Covering furniture that you already own with custom slip covers presents a much cheaper option than reupholstering or replacing it.
And there's an endless variety of online vendors that are able to customize slip covers to your specifications (the exact size, color, pattern and fabric). Furniture that's still useful-and much loved-can not only have a brand-new look, but an extended lease on life (and most reputable online vendors will offer satisfaction guarantees).

Orphan Plants

Annemarie Miller and Colleen Sterling are participants in WORM (Women On a Rescue Mission, a program of the Stark County, Ohio, Master Gardeners; it's the horticultural version of an adoption service: The master gardeners salvage plants that their owners no longer want or can care for (the donors are often older people who are preparing to leave longtime homes or who can no longer keep up with the demands of a garden. And sometimes there are too many plants to comfortably fit a small home or apartment space).They then nurture the plants until they can be relocated to new homes.

Some of the plants go to Habitat for Humanity (of Greater Stark and Carroll Counties, which distributes them to homeowners; others are sold at the annual Plant Expo, an educational program and plant sale held by the master gardeners).

The WORM program was started by Miller three years ago (after reading about a similar effort in a gardening magazine).
The gardeners rescue mostly perennials and only those plants that are small enough to be dug easily and potted. Upon relocation, their temporary home consists of four 4-by-8-foot holding beds at the Ohio State University Extension's Stark County office (Massillon, OH).
Last year, more than 200 plants were given to Habitat for Humanity; about 150 more were sold.

Many plants will be adopted by Habitat homeowners; and they'll be further educated by Habitat on caring for their particular plants in an effort to help the owners help themselves.

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