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Online universities offer 4 year degrees no matter where you live

The University of Phoenix has launched a new series of ads being aired locally showing the value of their online education. You see candidates interviewing for jobs and during the process they come across other University of Phoenix students who are in power to hire.

Not everyone wants the typical college experience.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Previously the University of Phoenix dominated the online education space. But now they face competition from traditional colleges who are seeing the benefits of offering online classes to students. Colleges are learning to adapt to attract not only the traditional student who comes to them after completing 4 years of high school, but also to offer classes for those who are furthering their education while working full time or raising families.

There are also younger students who can’t afford the high cost of tuition and don’t want to leave high school and start racking up debt by moving right into a 4 year university degree. Online courses give them the chance to work and carry a course load.

The problem for the University of Phoenix is these same students still want their degree to be from colleges with prestige and easily recognized names when they list it on their resume. There are options now for flexible classes from schools such as The University of Maryland, Penn State and Temple University. It is up to you whether you share that your degree was earned online instead of attending traditional classes.

College degrees are expensive and students are looking for the best value for their money. The University of Phoenix needs to develop a brand that can compete with what traditional colleges can offer as far as name recognition and how they are perceived by hiring managers.

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