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Online steals for baby and kid gear

With Christmas and holidays around the corner, many of us are seeking out gift ideas for Baby and Kid--both our own, and for our friends and family. 

Many sites are popping up with the deal-a-day strategy, the objective being one item is up for sale for a day or until it sells out, usually for a discounted price and a reasonable shipping rate.  Large items are available, but many sites have smaller gifts perfect for stocking stuffers as well.

Locally operated, caters to a variety of markets with their deal-a-day marketing, which includes a site for kids merchandise as well.   Occasionally, woot and its sister sites will have what is known as a "woot off", which means a constant flow of items as things sell out (as opposed to waiting 'til the next day for a new item). Both and are currently running a "woot off" today, October 28, 2009.

Also on the market is  Shipping isn't a flat rate like it is for woot, but you can enter your location and estimate what the shipping will be before you're obligated to purchase, of course. Babysteals has many items at a heavy discount, and includes items of clothing, toys, gift sets, etc.  Usually more than one style is available for selection, and it appears to keep a good balance on items for boys and girls alike.

For the older kids, try, which has more focus toward preschool through elementary ages.  You may be able to find good deals on lunch bags or art kits.