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“Online shopping”- The best way of shopping your favorite products

Online Shopping
Online Shopping
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Online Shopping

Online Shopping is the next step or modification of shopping. It is also known as e-shopping. Through, this costumer can buy items or goods via internet using a web portal. There are many manufacturers which provide the services of online shopping. Even, these manufacturers or retailers have started the service on smart phones by their applications on various stores like Play Store, App Store etc. This saves time and energy. It is very efficient and reliable.


Recent year’s statistics show that the Online shopping market has increased by 30% compared to the statistics of 2012.

Customers around the Globe

There are millions of customers around the world. This is because these retailers provide easy and better way of shopping and online payment. It has also increased the number of users using internet. Recent research says that more than 87% people buy goods online through different devices like PC (Personal Computer), smart phone, Tablet, etc.

Payment Methods

One can pay via different ways. The one which is used most commonly is payment via credit card. There are many other alternative ways:-

• Cash at Delivery

Many people seek for this method of payment because it enables costumer to first ensure or check the product and then make the payment.

• Cheque

It is an alternative of cash payment. With this method, the payment is paid or debited through your bank account.

• Delivery on payment

In this first customer pays the amount through cheque, credit or debit card and then the product is delivered.

Various Discounts Offered

Online shopping retailers provide discount on various products or items ranging from 50-60% sometimes 80% also. Another way of getting discount is the vouchers or coupons provided by them. We can use these vouchers or coupons such as Zalora Shopping Coupons to avail offers or discount. These coupons also have some exciting offers with discount. Here is a list of those offers:-

• Buy one get one free
• No shipping charges
• Free Trial

Coupon Codes

Every coupon has a special code written on it. This coupon code helps the retailer or manufacturer to identify the scheme or offer provided by them. This coupon helps the costumer to avail the offer and enjoy the benefit of it. It consists of special series of numbers which can be identified by the retailers only. This special series is very useful for retailer to check whether the coupon is original or not. Thus, by this they can resist or save themselves from getting cheated.

One can use codes such as Lazada Coupon Codes because they are genuine and trusted. The above listed coupons can only be used on the sites offering these discounts.

Coupon Expiration

Most of the coupons have an expiry date. They have a validity of 3-4 months. Coupons are of no use after the date of expiry.

Delivery of Product

• Drop Shipping
• Pick-up from Store
• Shipping


• Wide range of variety for selection
• Convenient
• Low price
• Better information about the products (through reviews and key information)


• Chances of fraud
• Security Problem
• Not displaying the original MRP on discount
• Privacy Issues

Thus, this whole new platform of shopping has gained immense popularity and is growing day by day.