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Online shopping for fun, unique photography gifts


If you still have some last minute shopping to do and want to get something unique, the gift of fine art is a great choice! There are thousands of web sites where you can purchase fine art photography, in any style and at every price point.

A great site for all kinds of crafted goods made and sold directly by the artists is Etsy. It is a sort of eBay for crafters, artisans, and the like. Individuals can post items for sale and 95% of the cost and profits go directly to the artist. There are currently over 134,000 choices under the category of photography on this site. Prices start at one dollar for fun little snapshots and go up to thousands for high quality, framed photos. Be careful though! With so many unique, fun choices to browse, a visit to Etsy can end up in hours of shopping and admiring the myriad of photographic and handicraft choices.

Etsy Photography


If you enjoy giving the gift of books but don’t want to battle parking lot crowds, long lines at the register, or other general holiday shopping insanity, try Blurb. This company allows photographers, writers, and aspiring publishers to create their own books and sell them online as well. There are photography books starting as low as $20 and go up to a few hundred dollars. As with Etsy, self-publishing photographers on Blurb receive a profit on the sale of each book they sell. You’ll find topics ranging from nature, animals, travel, fashion, fine art, culture, and more.

Blurb photography books

If you’d love to have a modern masterpiece or stirring, popular image in your home, but can’t afford the real thing, try shopping for photography at Prices start at $7.99. Here, you can shop by sorted categories like photographic style, popularity, subject, photo collections, movie posters, music, and more. They are currently offering free shipping on order over $15. If you’d like to make your poster a luxurious gift, you can order from a selection of custom mats and frames.

Photography posters

If you have a favorite photographer—local or famous—chances are you can find contact information on his or her site or a link to the gallery representing them and request to purchase a print.

Happy holidays and happy photography shopping!

photo Courtesy Etsy