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Online sellers: hot trend for the holiday season 2009--Sock Monkey themed anything

Sock monkey hat--what a cuties!
Sock monkey hat--what a cuties!

As I write this article it is with a sense of "been there, done that".  Who would have guessed that the Sock Monkey, the iconic toy from long ago would resurface as one of this year's hottest themes?  But don't look for the kiddies to be navigating towards this one---it is the teens and the adults.  Sock monkey hats are especially desireable. 

If you see Sock Monkey merchandise, pick it up.  It will resell well on eBay now and I would anticipate right on into 2010 as the demand tends not to drop off suddenly after the holidays. 

A recent search for Sock Monkey hat on eBay research tool Terapeak shows them selling over 65% of the time.  Sock monkey ornaments, mittens, shirts and toys also do well.

Be on the lookout for them at garage sales, thrift stores and marked down new items at retail stores. 

Who would have thought?