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Online resources for the upcoming Science 3 SOL

Beginning next year, Virginia students in grades 3-5 will take fewer SOL tests. Legislators passed HB930 in March of this year eliminating the third grade science test. But this does not take effect until next year so many teachers and parents are gearing up for the test which will be administered between May 19 - June 12.

Food chain & adaptation card games
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers
Card games make studying fun
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers

A number of online resources are available to prepare students to meet the rigorous demands of the new technology enhanced online test that found many Virginia Beach elementary schools' pass rates dropping in the double digit percentage range. Many of these are available as free or low cost downloads.

  • The VDOE Testing Blueprint for science 3
  • Weather & water cycle card game (see slide show for a preview of the cards)
  • Food chains and adaptations card game (see slide show for a preview of the cards)
  • Plant card games. Players learn how plants grow, develop and how parts function in the Plant Part game. The Photosynthesis game lets students collect water, carbon dioxide and sunlight cards to be synthesized into glucose. The Pollination game teaches how the parts of a flower function and how pollinators assist in the process. All three games also incorporate weather and other events as well as plant adaptations making these games valuable resources for teaching the big picture.
  • Pollination package - Power Point, reader's theater script, card and board game
  • Free online photosynthesis game

Games are motivating and engage students in higher level strategy thinking and promote interaction with others while remaining focused on topic. Students generally will spend more time reviewing when using games than more traditional study methods.

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