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Online resources for planning Canadian outdoor trips

Online find all the info you need for planning trips like this one on the Kootenay River.
Online find all the info you need for planning trips like this one on the Kootenay River.
L. Shuttleworth

With spring just around the corner, you’ll probably be starting to think about great outdoor adventures for the summer.

The Internet makes researching trips really easy. Not only can you get all the facts and figures you need, you can also reserve campsites, talk to people who’ve been where you want to go, buy or exchange equipment, and organize groups to go out into the wilderness together.

Here are just a few useful websites you can visit to kick off your summer trip planning:

  • Find a group of people who share your outdoor passions—or start a new one yourself, at,
  • All the info you need on national parks across the country is at the Parks Canada site.

Provincial and territorial park websites will give you  information on all the parks in the province, and let you book campsites online. Try these three:

  • If you live in a big city, you can likely buy topo maps from stores and government offices. But if you’re in a smaller community, you can easily order the maps online. The Natural Resources Canada topographical maps site is also a great research resource for planning trips:
  • The My Canadian Canoe Routes site is a great place to get canoe route information from the detailed writeups of people who have canoed them. You can also join in discussion forums, and  find canoe-trip partners.
  • Mountain Equipment Coop has locations across the country, but if you don’t live near them you can buy your gear online. You can also research products before you go to the store, and even find trip partners.


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