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Online reputation and your teen: Don't risk losing college acceptance

Your senior was cruising into colleges, as their G.P.A. was good until.....

What does your teen's digital footprint say about them?

The recent New York Times article, They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets, was eye-opening for people. Hopefully parents of teenagers had an opportunity to read it.

In today's digital world, your child is required to be academically ready for their college of choice, however now their social behavior and judgment is being monitored.

This truly shouldn't come as any shock. In a Kaplan Study they reported 80% of college recruiters were using social media (Facebook pages and Google searches) when reviewing college applications. Today as we are in 2014, we can be confident college admissions have become more sophisticated to social media networks with their potential applicants - including Twitter and Instagram.

What can your teenager do to prepare for their college applications?

Hopefully they started the day they received a keypad. Every keystroke matters.

Build your online real estate image by creating blogs in your name. This is free and easy! Showcase your attributes, interests, hobbies, awards, community services, photos (carefully selected), and more.

Clean- up your social media accounts immediately. Run through your Facebook friends, be sure you trust them not to copy and paste photos and comments of yours and take them out of context to other places online.

Review all your privacy settings. Make a habit of doing this weekly. They have a habit of changing without notice.

Above all, pause before you post -- it is really that simple. Treat others online as you want to be treated.

Start today building your digital footprint that will set you apart from others.

Don't risk a college of your first choice because of a stupid comment or debatable photo. Also don't compromise a potential scholarship -- watch the video included. Recruiters do care about your keystrokes! You will be representing their team!

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